We Are (Continually) Being Lied To

There are times when my frustration mounts, this is one of those times. We complain about the condition of the world, yet we expect someone else to fix it for us. Yet, this is not going to happen without some effort on our part.

Raised to Be Obedient

From the day of my birth, there was a campaign going on to hold me under control. Did it begin with my parents, looking out for my best interests? At one time I held that lofty ideal in my heart. Now, I see the insidious scheme created by a few who intend to keep the majority of humankind enslaved on this planet, spiritually and physically has been running a long time. Some of you are blissfully unaware of the secret programs being run by our government, however, there is a growing number of people who are now aware of the MK Monarch, MK Ultra and other MK (mind control) programs being run by our government and military. Some, like myself, having been unwitting participants of programs such as these. Now the sexual trauma I experienced since my infancy make sense to me and I know why I came into this family of control and abuse. I incarnated to become an insider, living through these traumas of physical, sexual and psychological abuse to better understand the reality and the method of escape for others. Why would I choose a life of control for this incarnation? Would it not be more efficient to come in strength and save people from the evils of this world?

Your One True Savior

Easter has just passed and Facebook was littered with pictures of an empty crucifix with the words, “He is risen.” Jesus did come to enlighten the world with truth that could save us from the fate we head toward at an ever increasing rate. Only, the controlling establishments of the world have altered the story. They have denied us our birthright as members of the Divine Family that we all are born into. We are told we are sinners. We can’t approach the Divine except through our superiors in the priesthood. We are told we are corrupt, we need someone to govern us to keep us safe from each other. The truth is, we must save ourselves. Apathy brings no reward.

The Pot Calls the Kettle Black

As intelligent beings, how much longer will we accept these stories as truth when these superiors are continuously called out publicly by the innocents they were meant to protect? Priests, teachers and politicians are being named in sexual abuse cases every day. Police, military groups, financial giants, entertainment and news media have all had a hand in corrupt and secret activities. When one of these leaders is caught with undeniable evidence, it is often swept under the rug. When punishment is publicly demanded, the sentencing is ridiculously mild. Take for example, in late 2016, the emails from Anthony Weiner’s shared laptop which implicate the Podestas, the Clintons and other public figures in well-organized and widespread pedophile activity. Six months later, no formal announcement of infiltrating this ring are being widely announced. There is talk of secret tribunals  being held and an occasional news story of arrests of public figures that never make the national news. Nor is the public crying out en masse for anyone to expose the truth of this evidence.  The few who try to raise awareness and bring justice for the victims into play are ridiculed. Why is this? And this, my friends is why no one will step in for us. We need to speak up for ourselves before we will have the change we demand others to bring to us at their own risk and peril.

Beware of Institutions of Control

The desire to control is powerful. It drives everyone, from a child trying to get their own way to the corporate giant spinning deals behind closed doors. It is those secret meetings and the secret societies that hold them that are most dangerous. Our beloved President John F. Kennedy warned us in his speech at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City on April 27, 1961.

<<<Read the President and the Press Speech- Click Here >>>

Dr. Stephen Greer has this to say, “99% of all the information that the public has is well-crafted disinformation designed to create fear and an artificial need for protection.” If more people would heed this message, make a conscious decision to rise above fear and become self sovereign, we could save ourselves. I’d certainly be a lot less frustrated.

What to do? Become more loving and forgiving, of yourself and of others. Meditate, alone and in groups. Serve others in whatever way you are capable. Stop looking to others to change the world, when you do these things yourself, the world will change.

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I was led to this article about Cintamani Stones. In addition to sharing the story and research, the author shares the conclusion that WE are the ones we have been waiting for. I quote below:

“We are the ones we have been waiting for!
There are many different beautiful ways now in the world to make changes in our lives. Bodywork, meditation, retreats, tantra, yoga, medicine plants, etc. If done under the right assistance you can make lasting changes in your life for the benefit of all.”

Published by Cheryl Smith

It seems I have been learning who I am all of my life. With a few exceptions, everything that has happened prior to November 2015 just doesn't matter much to me any more. I have embarked on a fantastic journey into ME and this is my story. It is your story, too. We Humans are so much more than we think or have been led to believe. I write about the Awakening experience as it unfolds. Partly to remember how far I have come (it helps when I hit a wall). More because those that have travelled this path before me left bread crumbs to guide. I expect this information will be just as helpful to another seeker one day.

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