Updates and Upgrades

From time to time, you will find I go quiet. These are times of lessons and upgrades coming at me in very rapid succession. My posts will likely reflect this change. I am not one to really plan out my posts. They are real time and focused on what is happening right now.

That just triggered a memory about the importance of this moment. Not the past, not the future, NOW. Now is the only time I can make any changes. Improvements. Yeah, because any change would be for the better, I certainly expect so anyway.

Since I have left my job at The Home Depot to drive for Uber, I find myself in many deep and meaningful conversations with my riders. Not always, but yes, quite often. Once, a rider asked about the book I had sitting on the dash. I read when I am waiting on my first call and the book as Ascension Mysteries by David Wilcock . I had an amazing opportunity land in my lap to share this jewel of a book. I had not considered this and instead stammered out a lame response.

Most of the time conversation flows easily with those who want to talk. One question that keeps coming up is whether I feel safe. That answer is always “Yes! I feel very safe.” I explain that I create my world and the experiences I wish to show up for me. This has extended to the areas I drive in and even the direct path they take. When I find myself at the end of the day and wanting to return closer to home, I announce I would like a trip that takes me in that direction. It is happened for me every time. I request interesting and nice people and this, too is what I receive.

A Warning

A few months ago I was working on setting up an email address specifically for this site. There is nothing technical about this, just go into my c-panel, create an email account name and password, then connect it to my gmail account for delivery. Before I could complete the task I experienced a sort of internet burp and next I was locked out of my c-panel and all three of my live sites were down. Being a Friday, I would have to wait the weekend out to find out what happened.

Turns out, my own ip address had been blocked. There are ways this could have happened with my hacker protection, however I was not engaged in any behavior that could have locked my out of my own website and also take them down from everyone’s view.

That is unless you count my recent surfing sites to learn all I could about the Cabal, pedophilia rings, Exoterrestrials and Ascension. These have been a part of the reason for my going quiet. Not an easy study and quite personal sometimes.

I can’t go into depth at this time, but I will be sharing what I have been learning. It is important for all humans to have this information for their own growth and also for protection, so you can create your own reality wherein you are safe. All I will say for now is we have been lied to in massive proportions. Disclosure is in the works, and all will know the truth in time. Do you want to wait?

The information I will be sharing is the reason my ip became blocked. I was given notice I am being watched. I expect some readers to lose interest in my blog at this point. That is okay with me. I have to speak my truth and not everyone is ready for it.

I am going to close this on a high note. Whatever you decide at this moment is what you need in your life now. There is no wrong answer and everything ultimately brings you to where you have chosen to be. When you want to change the scenery, you only need to focus on what you wish to see next.

Humans are Ascending and the Universe is going to support us as we individually choose to accept this.

In love and light.

Published by Cheryl Smith

It seems I have been learning who I am all of my life. With a few exceptions, everything that has happened prior to November 2015 just doesn't matter much to me any more. I have embarked on a fantastic journey into ME and this is my story. It is your story, too. We Humans are so much more than we think or have been led to believe. I write about the Awakening experience as it unfolds. Partly to remember how far I have come (it helps when I hit a wall). More because those that have travelled this path before me left bread crumbs to guide. I expect this information will be just as helpful to another seeker one day.

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