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April 2017

April 2-8

Theme Death | As I look at this card I am aware of the Grim Reaper riding the white horse, but my eyes are drawn to the gateway formed by the two towers in the distance. The sun rises between the two towers. Dawning of something new. Recalling last week, the Hierophant was the theme, guiding us to doing the deeper work. This has certainly been true for me. The Universe was providing the framework with a giant sunspot and gamma ray bursts. The K-index was red, red, red. This brought up shadow work for many of us. I felt like I had gone backward to two years ago before I was aware of my Guides and spiritual awakening. Although I knew these were real, I could not feel connection to them. How did you fare?
Now, we have made it through this phase and we are finding our ground and dusting off the ashes of this trial by our Sun’s fire. There are clues as to what comes next for you, like the sun rising in the gateway, you are being called to your destiny
Sunday- 6 of Swords | The figures have turned their backs on where they have been and crossing the waters to a new place. In spite of swords stuck into the bottom of the boat, the boat still floats. Nothing can stop them from reaching the destination they seek. They are leaving turbulence behind heading into calmer waters. Recognize this is true for you as your week begins.
Monday – Page of Cups | I am struck by the humor of the fish popping his head above the rim of the chalice to look at the Page. Why would a fish be in the cup? A fish as a symbol, can mean several things. Because this suit is a water sign, this draws me towards the Divine Feminine. Creation. The page a person who is preparing for his role in life. You will be preparing for what you are about to create, is it career, family or lifestyle related? This is up to you to determine. Remember the humor of the fish turning up in a surprising way, allow your emotions to go to the higher side of vibration, happiness, joy, love and bliss will manifest what you are creating faster.
Tuesday – 4 of Wands | The wands are set up to look like a wedding bower. There is a couple standing a little off in the distance, hands raised with bouquets. They are celebrating something that has already taken place. Even numbers often depict choice, but here I am getting a feeling the choice has already been made and it is time to celebrate a partnering.
Wednesday – The Tower | Lightening strikes and turns your world upside down. Some surprising news or change of pace is coming.  This could be a welcomed development if change is needed. For those not looking or hoping for this in their life, this is a message to prepare you, not to frighten you. Accept what is coming and deal with it in the knowledge that all will work out to the highest and best outcome for all when you make that request. Start now and you will be ready for whatever comes.
Thursday – The Chariot | Sitting in a winged chariot, wearing a crown of stars, stars appearing overhead in the curtain, as well. This person is about to head off and has a choice of direction, which way will he choose? He has intuition on his side. The shield on the front of the chariot is adorned by a top. It stands straight up and that can only happen while it is still spinning. Once it topples to one side or the other, the choice is made. Are you going to leave this to chance, or follow your intuition?
Friday – 7 of Coins | Rewards are yours for the work you have done, but you need to follow through and harvest them. Sometimes this means to remember to ask for the money. Check you email for orders, and fill them. Maybe you have been improving your skills for a job you already have and now is the time to ask for a raise or promotion. Whatever your scenario is, don’t drop the ball now.
Saturday – The World | SUCCESS IS YOURS! The theme of Death has served you well as the old was transmuted into the new. You are recognized by those around you as a success and, even better, for how you have persevered through challenges to make it to this point. If you have been buried under the have-tos and deadlines, maybe you don’t even realize this. Lift your head up and see how far you have come and be filled with gratitude and joy. There will always be work to do, just remember to take time to enjoy the benefits.

March 2017

Week #13 March 26-April 1

Theme for the week – The Hierophant | The result of introspection and hard work is evident. Others are taking notice. You are not yet done, however. Belief systems are called up as we enter the Passover/Easter season. It is time to examine what we have taken for granted in our beliefs. Look deeper into your soul and find the elements of these rituals that are personally meaningful and help you to become a positive influence in the world.
Sunday-Page of Pentacles | Stay grounded as you learn new information that may improve your life or livelihood. This information is more for the physical realm than spiritual. You are here to experience physical existence and what you learn can help you in creating that which you wish to experience.
Monday-10 of Cups | Your family or those closest to you share in the abundance and joy. 10 means you have completed the lessons, work or requirements and are now enjoying fruits of your laboring. “What next?” comes tomorrow. Today, enjoy and celebrate, bask in the light.
Tuesday-Knight of Pentacles | Take charge of your life with what you have gained in knowledge and experience. No need for second guessing if you have truly done your homework. Something new may be coming your way and you are ready for it.
Wednesday-Queen of Pentacles | With all this movement and positioning regarding your physical existence and well-being, use discretion. Organize, purge what is no longer useful. Being an Earth sign, I connect with clearing our homes of clutter, dust, donating what we no longer use and clutters the energy. Your home should be nurturing and restorative.
Thursday- 6 of Wands | You are riding high with accomplishment. Notice there are others by your side, assisting. You have a team and remember to be grateful for your assistance. If you are the type to do it all yourself because you have difficulty asking for help, get over it. You have a support system available, you only have to ask.
Friday-Knight of Cups | The more spiritual side of things may now be inspiring you. Ride this horse further. The Universe is cheering you on. The Spring season is here and it signals newness and growth. The water sign is feeding and nurturing you.
Saturday- Queen of Cups | I am amazed at the this spread and all the support and encouragement it has brought for this week. The Queen is on her throne, surrounded by Cherubim, the Guardian angels, feet at the water’s edge. She is loved and loving unconditionally, all under her reign is well with this ebb and flow. Inspiration and Creativity bloom in this environment. How will you express this?
In Love and Light

Week #12 March 19-25

March 19-25, 2017 Spread
Theme – The Sun | When I turned this card and saw that little baby on the white horse with the Sun blazing gloriously overhead my heart soared. In the Fool’s Journey, this is the final result. The Sun, alchemically it is the GOLD we seek. Purity. The baby and white horse also could indicate purity. “Purity of what?” we should ask.

We are halfway through March. Many places in the world just endured an unseasonal blizzard. At the least, it has been unusually cold. And now, the Sun comes out. Gaia is warming up and is about to go through renewal. We all are. Think of Spring cleaning, getting out the old, stale and dusty and brining in the light, fresh and airy. In our homes, in our hearts and in our minds. Forget those old promises made in January. THIS is when we should resolve to try new things, when we are fresh and energized! Out of the Death of Winter comes the (Re-)Birth of Spring. I wonder what the rest of the week will bring to reinforce this idea? What will we be doing with this Gold in our hands?
Sunday- 10 of Swords | A figure lays prone, 10 swords in his back. Red, an action color appears in the cloth covering the body and in the blood spilt on the ground. The sun is setting, the end of the day. 10 is and ending as well. Swords represent the element of Air and as such we can see a clear connection to the Spring Renewal. Air may represent new as in a baby’s first cry or the first breath Om. Air is moving, we use it to blow away chaff. The Sword divides and rearranges (organizes). As the sun sets on what the sword has divided, the desired from the undesired, whoosh! Blow away the dust and the old.
Monday- Judgement | I am always amazed at what the cards tell me. How one leads to the next. Here we are at the time of year when most people observe Easter or Passover. Even the Pagan ritual of Ishtar (which must given credit with coming prior to Christian leaders’ hijacking of this symbolism). The Judgement card show an angel with a trumpet waking the sleeping (dead) and the figures standing naked as newborns in their coffins. What I have just noticed for the first time is that there are two sets of three, a man, a woman and a child, like families coming back, not individuals. Families can be created of like minded people as well as related by birth. Are you a part of something larger being born? Another interesting aspect of this card is that the tombs are by water, not land where they would be buried. Water is nurturing and loving and these people are surrounded by it. What ever it is you are awakening, it is being supported and nurtured.
Tuesday- 7 of Wands | There is a look of determination on the man’s face as he takes up his rod. This determination is reflected in his wide, firm stance. Six already appear “planted” in their purpose. He stands solidly upon the ground gripping the 7th rod in his hands firmly at each end. A challenge about to be faced. I definitely get the feeling that whatever comes, he’s ready. Wands represent Fire element, used to fuel alchemical transformation and change is in the air and almost always met with resistance. Don’t be discouraged, this is just a test to see if you really do want to proceed. If you find it too hard, then maybe now is not the time. Another opportunity will eventually come along if this is something you are supposed to do. Welcome the challenge and chances are you are quite prepared and can stand up to the opposition.
Wednesday- Ace of Pentacles | Beginnings and transformation again! The Earth energy represented is ultra feminine, fertile, nurturing, grounding and strong. You are guided to bring Heiros and Gamos together integrating the masculine and feminine within for a new level of consciousness of yourself and the world around you.
Thursday- 7 of Pentacles | As we near the end of the week, we can now see the fruit of our labor. It if fine to rest a bit, but maintain diligence, the work is not yet done and harvest is still to come.
Friday- 2 of Wands | A choice is being presented. You have the world in your hand, but how do you see yourself in the world? This is a nice place to be after all that you have done to get here. You may be letting something you once valued go, but it no longer serves your purpose. What you have in your hand right now is where your path leads.
Saturday- Ace of Cups | Your cup is overflowing with abundance, soon you will be grabbing more to fill with this abundance. You are cared for, supported and nurtured. A dove drops a coin into the chalice. Make a wish! You are abundant, at peace, how can it get any better than this?

Week #11 March 12-19

Theme- 5 of Coins | The 5 of Coins is not usually a welcomed sight with its image of a pair of figures struggling with ailment and poverty, out in the cold snow. Since this is a weekly general reading rather than a personal 6 month forecast, take heart. While the thought may be sobering and depicting rejection, being without, or being left out in the cold, it is perhaps a nod to the energy of the full moon. She tends to bring things up which we need to review. This may also mean that you need to maintain determination if you have been facing a challenge or overcoming a difficulty, which would be very good in the outcome. Remember it is darkest before the dawn.

Sunday- The Emperor | He is a ruler who has reached this station in life through experience and the wisdom gained thereof. Strong, determined and decisive. This card carries a solid and grounding feeling. Whenever facing an upheaval of any type, it is always good to ground oneself, diffusing static energy or emotion allowing us to see and think clearly.

Monday- 6 of Coins | I see things are leveling out, wealth and abundance are associated with this card and this does not necessarily mean financial. Whatever you have been seeking is coming to you in abundance. Keeping hold of positive thoughts is vital. Say, “I am healthy, happy, or receiving love. I am secure, financially or otherwise.” Don’t give energy (voice) to what you do not wish to see materialize. This card shows you have abundance in this area and are able to show generosity when others have the same need.

Tuesday- 5 of Cups | I see 5 as a tipping point, once you arrive at five you are settling into a comfortable pace. Yet, as the figure on this card appears looking back, you may be doing the same. Dwelling in the past? Or noticing how far you have come? If the full moon energy has drawn something out that you must resolve, then perhaps a bit of both. Three of the cups are tipped over and empty. However, you are not without, still having two more cups full. Ahead is a bridge to carry you to the “other side” where you will be able to replenish when you are ready.

Wednesday- 6 of Swords | The figures in the boat are making forward movement. Their backs are turned to the water on the right of the boat which is turbulent, choppy. They are leaving this turbulence and heading toward the calmer waters on the left. Water often indicates emotion and you will definitely be feeling lighter.

Thursday- 7 of Swords | I got a great feeling when I turned the card over. The sunny yellow of the background, the nearby tents with pennants flying and the dancing figure holding five swords looking back at the other two as if contemplating picking them up as well! He’s GOT this. There is a feeling confidence and strength. Swords are also an air sign.

Friday- The Star | Here there is a female figure in the nude, relaxed and secure in her surroundings. She is tranquil as she poors water into a standing pool as well as into a moving river. The feeling is of self care and spa-like. I see cleansing and rejuvenation which are good to practice after coming through trials of any sort.

Saturday- 8 of Wands | 8 is an interesting number for me. Being a musician, I see 8 as an octave, an ending and a new beginning in a higher level. It is unusual that there is no figure on this card, it is the only card in the entire tarot deck that does not show anything human. I believe that the 8 of wands illustrates a more intuitive side of ourselves. Perhaps this entire week has been about rooting emotion out of decision making and developing our intuitive abilities. This means we can “see around the corner” because we know what we are creating. This week has been about reaching new heights with confidence in our creative abilities, our emotional stability, and our intuitive strength.

In Love & Light


Week #10 March 5-11

Tarot 3/5/2017

Theme- Knight of Swords | This week is about communication and intellect. It may bring on new challenges for you. They may be completely new or they may revisit a new level of a karmic lesson you are tackling.
Sunday- The Fool | Right to the heart of the matter! The train is leaving the station. This is your journey, are you making the conscious choice to see it to the destination?
I choose not to say the end, because there is really no finality. You arrive, stay a moment, then chose a new destination. Faced with this now, are you ready for the ups and downs, twists and turns?
Monday- The Hermit | Spending time in self-examination, absorbing the lessons you are receiving is an important key to success. What if you find something there you do not feel wonderful about? Forgive, bathe it in love, send it to the light for transmutation. Forgiving of ourselves is an important beginning step to enlightenment. As others observe you at this time, you shine, lighting the way for them.
Tuesday- The Sun | The cosmos smiles down upon you as you diligently engage in this study of self. This is probably not your first rodeo and you are sticking this ride better than previous attempts. Enjoy your success and take a look at Ego. This is a time when ego may enjoy success of diligent work, without taking the credit.
Wednesday- 10 of Swords | Following a successful lesson, we receive an opportunity to test what we have learned. The image on the Rider tarot deck is initially alarming, a man lays prone with 10 swords in his back! Swords are the air sign and point to intellect and communication, this is also the theme of the week. Have you been in a lesson where there has been a focus on these areas? Given the world climate, I feel communication with each other is an area we must all grow in. Exercising acceptance and forgiveness, transmuting anger, fear and discomfort to theses higher forms.

I find it quite interesting that we have a President in the United States that has challenges with communication. This certainly brings the topic to the foreground. How are we as individuals expressing ourselves? Many are using anger and self-righteous beliefs to vilify those not in agreement with these beliefs.
Thursday- Page of Swords | Wow, again the Swords hold us in the energy of communication and intellect. The Page is a student of sorts, an intern with on-the-job training. Your opportunity to express what you have learned in a real time situation is likely to appear.
Friday- Page of Pentacles | When I see the Pentacles I see the element of Earth influencing us. Being that this has been an ongoing lesson, we are directed to ground our knowledge in our daily lives. This is where our success and rewards lie.
Saturday- Nine of Pentacles | What a triumphant card to end the week with. You have manifested on the Earth plane, you are at the top of this lesson and are in a position to be of service to others. How this plays out is up to the individual.
If you are an employer, perhaps you are leading your people in ways to better understand and communicate to each other and with clients. A teacher may better communicate with students, tapping into the ways they think as individuals. An artist digs deeper into the soul and clearly communicates images that provoke though and feeling. We as people become more tolerant of each other, understanding we are all at different levels of growth. We accept our own shortcomings and grow from there. We may see shortcomings in others and recognize they just trying to feel good. We feel more confidence in ourselves and communicate with thoughtfulness and clear intent.

In love and light.

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