Week #15 April 9-16

Theme – The Star | This week we deal with spiritual growth. Your soul is bared and you are connected and fully abundant in your own spirituality. A feminine figure, which represents creative and nurturing energy, is present. She pours water from a vessel held in the right hand into a large body of water. With the left hand, the water she pours flows outward with a little bit of overflow trickling back into the reservoir.
Sunday – Ace of Pentacles | It is a time of beginning, a new Spiritual path, or a new level of growth. As we enter the season of Easter and Passover or other rituals of Spring, whether you are a follower of these traditions or not, there is a cycle that naturally occurs and you are in it. Behold what is being shown to you.
Monday – The Sun | Seeker, you are enjoying the benefits of your inner work. The sun the sunflowers, the golden pennant… all is golden the highest quality of the elements. Purity. The baby is wearing a crown and a feather is stuck in it! Yes, you can pat yourself on the back for your diligence.
Tuesday – 2 of Swords | The Real World is at your door, how will you present yourself? Your spiritual side is developing nicely, Will you choose to continue and show this side of yourself to the world or will you fall back into old patterns of the subconscious who wants to protect you from perceived dangers? The waters are calm, but you must take off the blindfold to see that.
I see this card as a way of showing us how we throw up our own barriers.
Wednesday – The Hermit | We have been seeking spiritual truth, our own enlightenment. The lamp is lit with a star, again we are presented with a symbol of spirituality. We have this light in our possession, let’s use it to shine a light for others. It is usually by example, not through our words, that others “come into the light.”
Thursday – 9 of Wands | 9s show us we are at the top of a cycle, look at this guy- he is looking back over his shoulder to the past, he has started a lot of fires and they are growing. Will he be able to keep up with it all? Remember in all you do to take time and nurture yourself. The week is winding down, refrain from starting anything new. Tend to what is currently going on and to yourself.
Friday – The Hierophant | As your spiritual journey this week winds down, rest assured you are making progress. So much so that others may be coming to you with questions. Even when you feel you have far to go, others are behind you and often will ask you for assistance. This is part of a pattern I have seen repeated with every major lesson I have received. There is first an awakening, then training or a lesson, a time of introspection, a teaching opportunity which is followed by implantation of the lesson. It becomes part of you.
Saturday – Page of Swords | The trainee steps up to bat! Ready to swing the sword and follow through. The suit of Swords deals with communication and you are ready to communicate, there is no need to hide who you are. As we saw with the theme card, your soul has been bared and there is no shame. You are in a place of abundance. Those close to you may oppose these changes at first, follow through with what you have gained and in time they will see the light you are carrying.
*This post is a bit late, I had a tarot class over the weekend and I wanted to be able to incorporate what I learned. It is very interesting that many of these cards were pulled in our practice spreads using other’s decks. When I see cards repeating, it adds emphasis to the message.
In Love & Light

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