Energy Healing

You will feel alleviation of pain and stress along with a heightened sense of Well-being. An hour long treatment can leave you in a blissful mood for several days. You will receive a blend of Reiki, Crystal, Sound, Light and Tachyon energies specific to your needs. I will advise you how to best proceed after your treatment to maintain your optimal wellness because your health is ultimately your responsibility and I want to assist you in taking charge.

Chakra activation

Open and balance energy centers.

  • Flow of qi (pronounced Chee, this is life force energy)
  • Aura cleansing
  • Opening of each energy center within the body and just outside in the Auric field.

1/2 hr

Pay what you can afford


General session – 

for illness, pain, healing, emotion, or to simply be put into an optimal state of mind.

1 hr.

Pay what you can afford.

Attachment Removal

From the time we are born and throughout the course of our life, a variety of controlling mechanisms and remote viewers are attached to our physical body, our light body and our auras. They are placed in a variety of ways, through use of technology, chemtrails, vaccines and medications, to name a few.

Symptoms of Control Attachments:

  • unexplained chronic itching or pain
  • brain fog or forgetting when trying to speak about spirituality or truth
  • explosive bursts of anger/fear/jealousy
  • sudden bouts of sleepiness as if trying to stop you from completing an action
  • meditation interruptions when you have already reached a level of success previously

Most attachments are etheric but not all. I do not remove physical attachments although I can deactivate them.

This is ongoing work and training so that you may know how to protect yourself, scan and deactivate attachments for yourself. Please refer to the Chronicles and read I’ll Never Sleep Without Shungite Again for my personal experience.

1 hr initial session following sessions/maintenance TBD



I offer a choice of spreads and decks depending on the depth of your question.

Rider Waite- Rich with tradition and a standard  tarot experience.

Hermetic Tarot- Even more ancient than Rider Waite with symbology from ancient Egypt, astrology and Alchemy.

Goddess- Now is the time of the return of the Divine Feminine and the goddess deck shows us how to integrate her energy.

Angel, Life Purpose and Goddess Oracle cards. These are often used to provide more depth of understanding. These can be added to your reading if necessary or desired.


Oracle only


The Crystal Mandala is a metaphysical store. We offer Energy balancing tools and services. Services include Tarot and Reiki. Dismiss