• Pachamama Chocolate Ceremony – No Date set
  • ORMUS Discovery – Monthly 2nd sunday


  • The Law Of One A message for the benefit of Humanity. The beings that gave this message to us for our benefit have expressly said that this is NOT a religion and we are not to turn the bearers of this message as gods or saints.
  • 21st Century Super Human by Carry Ellis and Teddi Mulder, PhD
  • Ascension Mysteries by David Wilcock


  • United Metaphysical Church If you like belonging to a church organization, the United Metaphysical Churches are far less dogmatic. You are encouraged to open up to the spiritual realms through meditation, mediumship, tarot, dousing and more.



  • Cosmic Disclosure
  • Sirius

The Crystal Mandala is a metaphysical store. We offer Energy balancing tools and services. Services include Tarot and Reiki. Dismiss