Crystal Mandala ORMUS

Crystal Mandala ORMUS

Attend an ORMUS Discovery meeting.

I hold meetings once a month in West Palm Beach on the 3rd Sunday, except Holidays or as otherwise specified. Please RSVP the week prior to the meeting that you will be attending by texting to 561-9671912 and I will text you the directions. Love offerings are accepted, the meeting is otherwise free to attend as many times as you wish.



ORMUS Products

Most people prefer to collect ORMUS themselves, but not everyone is ready from the start. Additionally, some people like to try ORMUS from different sources or in different concoctions and blends. For this reason, I offer a portion of my ORMUS for sale. I do not mass produce ORMUS and quantities on hand may vary.

ORMUS Pico Minerals

4oz Hathor’s Manna… $25

8oz Hathor’s Manna… $45

Hathor’s Manna is collected by the wet method and washed 3 times to lower the pH. It will have a salty taste due to adding back a little salt to the manna to “hold” the ORMUS in place. ORMUS is an energy and has been known to escape when not stored properly.

Skin Care

Face-ics… $30

Care for your skin the way Cleopatra did with this fine blend of ORMUS and fine oils for topical use. More than anti aging, I call it the Benjamin Button effect!

ORMUS Discovery Kits

Wet Method Kit…

Live Oil Kit…


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