Love is Always the Answer

In 1982, I became a 2-year-old class Teacher’s Aid at a premium day-care center. This center proudly boasted its academic program when socialization is more appropriate for young humans entering peer groups, often for the first time in their young lives. I am not against teaching academia at a young age. I contend that it should not outweigh the need for learning social graces and conflict resolution as evidenced by the frustration, anger, and impatience commonly displayed in current society.

On one typical day in the classroom, “Kelly” was experiencing rising frustration. Not getting the attention she required due to the highly active state of the attending little humans, Kelly’s frustration escalated and she began kicking her feet, dislodging her shoes. This finally caught the attention of the adult in charge. The teacher raised her voice and enlisted the attention of Kelly’s classmates announcing, “Look what Kelly did!” As 20+ sets of eyes turn to Kelly accusingly. Kelly, red in the face, responded by averting her eyes to her lap. A cacophony arose from the group when asked, “What did Kelly do wrong?” which only served to make the situation far worse, nothing resembling a nurturing and teaching environment.

I was horrified and speechless as the teacher sent Kelly to the corner to “think about what she had done.” Thus begins the life of a future adult.

Lessons Come in Recurring Patterns

Before moving on, I must not leave you dangling. Shortly after I began as her aid, the teacher of that class quit the job suddenly. I was offered the position as a matter of convenience to the school. I did make some important changes.

Now, years later I am able to see a pattern in life that relates to this event. It happened last night when a clerk at a store I frequently visit learned that I have been driving for Uber. She was concerned for my safety because of what she hears in the news.

This got me to thinking about the News, or as I call it, Mainstream Media, MSM for short. MSM also encompasses the entertainment media, movies, most tv series, and music. I stopped engaging with most of it because I am not going to buy into the version of reality they are creating. I told the clerk that for every bad story she hears on the news there are countless good stories she does not get to hear. This is why I stopped listening to the news. We are told to “Look at what [insert name] has done!” and led to making judgments and shaming people when we have little to no information about an incident. We begin to see the world as a bad and dangerous place when in truth we are only seeing a small sampling of what is really happening.

MSM Fosters Fear

Although I choose not to listen to the news, my husband is drawn to it. He will listen to the newscast over and over flipping from channel to channel to get the different opinions offered by each station. I usually tune it out by putting on headphones or leaving the room, but this morning I caught the keyword UBER in the news. Not once, but twice! One was a story about an Uber driver being shot at, possibly even targeted. The other was about guidelines being posted online about behavior while riding/driving in response to overtly sexual advances that have occurred. FEAR

I have to laugh because once again, “they” are tuned into me and trying to alter my actions to suit their machinations. Not that, by scaring me out of driving for Uber, will fulfill some goal be fulfilled. No, rather it is just to set me up for being under control again.

Living In Love

I have been reading the Law of One, which are the channeled messages of the Collective Consciousness of Ra. Emotions are distortions of our creation. The first distortion and the highest vibration is Love. Every emotion is a fraction splintered off from this starting point.

During my time working with Miss Raina, I was shown how emotion is tied to ego. I am now equipped to identify when low vibrating emotion emerges and how to transmute it to the corresponding emotion of higher vibration. With practice, one learns that Love fits every situation.

When frustration, fear, anger, stress, or disgust well up in me, I generally feel in in my heart. This is one step in the transmutation process, identifying the location of the feeling. Once I have a location I begin to fill that space with light and with unconditional love. The dis-ease melts away and is replaced with warmth and well-being.

Testing My New Tools

With every lesson come the opportunity to give it a test drive. At first, it seems like a failure when we face old patterns. This is not true, it is actually a signal that this lesson is complete and you are given an opportunity to test out the new tool you possess. I have been learning to Love unconditionally.

  1. I am met with people having a bad day and they are mean towards me. *Don’t engage, send love.
  2. I am met with people who with poor hygiene. *Don’t judge, send love.
  3. I am personally attacked through a misunderstanding. *Don’t allow Ego to engage, send love.
  4. I learn about atrocities committed against innocent humans beings. *Don’t allow emotion to fire up. Send love.
  5. I see photographs of REVOLTING, UNSPEAKABLE acts on innocent humans. (I will not lie, this was the most recent and by far the most difficult test. I had to ask “why was I allowed to see this?”)  *Know that we are One. Send Love.

As I was in the 5th test, I knew my vibration had hit nearly zero. I was actually fearful of going to sleep at the end of the day with this image in my head and in this low vibrational state. I kept asking “why?” for several hours. Tears came. After releasing some of the emotion through tears and grief, I knowingly began to look for the light and the answer. **If you are a true seeker, you will always work out the answer. Like an algebra problem, step by step, you will find the way to unlock the answer and you are back in the Light!

Revisiting the classroom situation with Kelly, if the teacher reacted with dismay that Kelly had reached this level of frustration and proclaimed to the class, “Kelly is having a problem, she needs our help.” Then, lovingly scooped this child up giving her the moment of attention she needed, a huge lesson in compassion would have been learned by all. It may have taken all of 15 minutes to ground her and raise everybody’s vibration.

I can already feel test #6 coming my way…


**Of course, you are a true seeker or you would not be reading this post.


Published by Cheryl Smith

It seems I have been learning who I am all of my life. With a few exceptions, everything that has happened prior to November 2015 just doesn't matter much to me any more. I have embarked on a fantastic journey into ME and this is my story. It is your story, too. We Humans are so much more than we think or have been led to believe. I write about the Awakening experience as it unfolds. Partly to remember how far I have come (it helps when I hit a wall). More because those that have travelled this path before me left bread crumbs to guide. I expect this information will be just as helpful to another seeker one day.

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