I Have Always Known

“Gnosis is the common Greek noun for knowledge.”

Many times when I was young I have wondered, “How do I know that?” Somehow, it was apparent to others because people came to me for answers about a wide variety of subjects. How to build or make things. Resolving social/relationship issues. Health questions. Even before I was a teen. To me, that was just weird, and I always wondered how, why?

This morning I woke with the memory that I had been in discussion with a large group of people, or entities. I don’t believe all were human. A blog post by Dayna Stone from a year ago has been on my mind and with that memory, it was my first conscious thought. In her post, Dayna described the grid and something she called Flash Consciousness. The first time I read this post, I found it an interesting account of someone else’s experience. I am now seeing how unconsciously it became a part of my own gnosis.

I am perceiving gnosis as a form of memory from experiences collected from this and previous lives. Sometimes these memories come back as likes or dislikes. I love fringe and trees. I hold nature as sacred and connected to me. I scout land (or my surroundings) for resources instinctively. These are examples from my former lives as an Indigenous American. At other times I just know how something works or how to do something others find complicated. I exhibited knowledge and familiarity in the field of construction, a very useful ability in my life. Unfortunately, the voice of doubt creeps in over time when the few times someone questions me, “How do you know that’s true?” My husband is usually that voice and had a drip drip drip effect of wearing me down over time.

Got a Gut Feeling? Go With It

As I become more and more familiar with my spiritual side, I am finding that, although I may not know how to explain where knowledge came from, my information is indeed correct. There is a reason people say they have a gut feeling. This is the first place we feel intuition, especially noticeable when it is an unpleasant intuition. It is our 3rd, or Solar Plexus, Chakra (energy center). Even more interesting is that scientists have found brain cells reside in our gut. Confirmation. *Scientists can only corroborate what we know to be true when they know how and where to look for evidence. Sometimes they must wait for the technology to exist to learn the facts. A true pioneer, I choose to stay with my gut rather than wait for science to catch up. 

After the better part of two years of plugging into spiritual training, I am beginning to act on may own intuition. One such occasion is the recent Standing Rock protest of the Dakota Access Pipe Line (DAPL). Many people were supporting the protesters and I did, too. My mind began to take me deeper into thought about this situation and showed me that awakening is not for those already awakened. I began to send love to the people on the opposite side of the protestors. I sent the wish for enlightenment. I opened the possibility for them to see that stopping this pipeline was good for them, too. Many of these people are only doing their job and a in fear of losing it or the means of feeding their families and paying bills. I sent them a message to look for another way.

This is where I identified with Dayna’s dream about the grid. I see myself as connected with others holding this energy. I don’t know who they are (consciously) yet I know they are there and our energy connects. As others become aware they become a conscious or unconscious part of this grid. It does not matter which it is. This is a vision I originally had at the age of 15. I always knew this was coming, but at that time, I only saw it as a beautiful vision. As this grid grows, a blanket higher consciousness covers the planet and begins to change fear to wonder. Dayna referred to Flash Consciousness, this is how I feel the message getting to those awakening. It is just a flash to make them aware, not to overtake or overpower, which is the control the world is under now. Instead, this is just to catalyze thought. Perhaps remind them of something they already had gnosis of only had allowed the dripping of the controllers to dilute over time.

Returning to Your Own Gnosis

Changing the tide is a slow process and takes patience. It is certainly not impossible and does become easier as you get closer to that reversed flow. Start by STOPPING the inflow of bad information. Mainstream Media in all forms should be curtailed. If you can jump off cold turkey, good for you! Many of us do have programs we enjoy and like to unwind the day with them. Don’t deny true pleasures for this is a way to raise your vibration. In time, the desire to keep up with most of these will probably fade, too.

Begin to meditate. There are many ways to do so and just by trying you will be doing it right. Meditation is about observation. If you can quiet your mind and listen to the sounds of the world around you, start with that. Some people find it easier to chant a mantra, listen to instrumental music, nature sounds or a guided meditation. Start with 5 minutes of quieting your mind. If you find that this is impossible, use your observation to note what is coming into your thoughts.

Begin to smile at people. By allowing yourself to open up to everybody, you begin to unravel the grip of fear. Your own and that of the person you are giving the smile to. We are all connected but that connection has become brittle and the flow of energy is barely perceptible at times. Restoring that flow will bring back our connection to each other in a beautiful and loving way. For most of us, it is hard to do something mean against someone who is nice to you (don’t worry about the few who do, they will come around). Every fear you release opens up your own energy flow to source.

Along with smiling at strangers, release judgment which is just ego trying to control you. At first I had a hard time smiling at the beggars on the street corners or people I thought looked dirty, scary or odd in some other way. I began sending love energy to them and then a smile, realizing we are all one. These are experiences these people are utilizing for their own purpose, I have no place in judging what they choose to experience. Their appearance on my path are an opportunity for me to learn and exercise compassion. Everything is connected.

I could go on and on with this subject, however, I only want to spark thought, and this may be more than enough to do that. I hope you will add your thoughts in the comments below.

Published by Cheryl Smith

It seems I have been learning who I am all of my life. With a few exceptions, everything that has happened prior to November 2015 just doesn't matter much to me any more. I have embarked on a fantastic journey into ME and this is my story. It is your story, too. We Humans are so much more than we think or have been led to believe. I write about the Awakening experience as it unfolds. Partly to remember how far I have come (it helps when I hit a wall). More because those that have travelled this path before me left bread crumbs to guide. I expect this information will be just as helpful to another seeker one day.

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