After my awakening process began, I questioned how I could possibly have chosen the parents and the life I was living. To come into a life where I knew I would experience traumas, abuse and deep programming seemed insane. Why would anyone choose THIS?

My trauma training began at birth when I was sexually activated by my father who had a role in my care giving while in diapers. I was introduced into Cee Eye Ay programming in the 3rd grade when my test scores and reading ability set me apart from the norm. Additionally, my father encouraged my mother’s interest in a cult-ish church which exercised deep religious control. The same alphabet agency that began my programming in 1968 were using this church for deeper conditioning.

The timing of my entering this life is an important aspect of my true purpose. I entered at a critical time in Human consciousness for the events that would unfold and are playing out worldwide now. The Detroit riots and assassination of President Kennedy were notable before I was seven years old. The New Age movement (hijacked, again by the same agency) Viet Nam Protesting, Hippies, racism and segregation, socialism, deforestation and pollution were just a part of my awareness at an early age. I find it interesting, and at the same time alarming, how similar hot buttons are being used to trigger youth today, and to a greater degree.

As my own Akashic chronicles opened up to me through time and meditation, I can see that I did indeed choose the family and experiences that would prepare me for the purpose of this incarnation. I learned to heal the trauma and to understand first-hand the multitude of ways programming is performed and how to de-program and return my own critical thinking.

I have remembered previous lives which are now coming together in a full circle. I use these memories and experiences to help the souls drawn to me for their own healing. Drawing heavily from my experiences in this current life, I use energy alignment to repair and “Return To Original Design.” I am an Enerologist, ordained Minister and certified Spiritual Alchemist to carry out my mission of healing.

I hope that by sharing what I know and continue to learn through my blog, that others may find their memory and their voice to further assist in the amazing awakening that is occurring today. The ultimate goal is to Return To Original Design.