Return to Original Design

Return to Original Design

By Chris Emmons R. Ph.

When I learned of ORMUS, I had little clue as to how interesting this journey was going to be. Nor did I suspect ORMUS would give me clarity about a recurring dream I had when I was very young.

This all began when I was searching for something entirely different on Amazon and this book was suggested to me. Every time I opened Amazon I was met with this suggestion. The playfulness of Spirit is evident here as I found that often suggested items were aligned with messages I received in other ways. I finally clicked on the ad with exasperation and read the review. I rolled my eyes, clicked away and proceeded with the intended search Yet, that book kept turning up!

I acquiesced to the suggestion by searching ORMUS and learning something about it. Considered to be food for the spirit by proponents, I still was not convinced. I learned that the author, or perhaps Scribe is a better term, was a pharmacist living an hour and a half south of me. I gave her a call and found that I could meet her at one of her gatherings. Once I spoke with her, my skepticism left and I ordered the book to begin my own collecting.

There are lots of opinions about this substance. I found it best to listen, yet hold no judgement. ORMUS will show you what you seek. I came to learn everything I could. The most surprising aspect I have experienced is that ORMUS will communicate with me. As a natural intuitive empath, I am used to hearing from spirit, animals and even plants. I had never heard from a substance prior to this. This came about as I was moving my cabinet that contained my collection of ORMUS out of the bedroom my sister was using during an unexpected visit.

My sister’s visit had come about after her third admittance in about 5 years into a hospital after being poisoned. When she was released, she came home with me while recuperating. The first night she spent with ORMUS she experienced very vivid and lucid dreams. The second night she felt very rested and energized, unable to sleep. The third night she became itchy all over her body. As I rolled the cabinet out of her room, I wondered why this happened? I received an answer almost before I could finish the question, “The vessel is being cleansed of the toxins.” My sister had gone into a healing crisis by the effectiveness of ORMUS. It was merely doing its work by Returning To Original Design the vessel that is my sister’s body!

Since that day I have had repeated lessons in healing illustrating this is exactly what energy healing is all about. The body receives the code from the DNA. If the DNA is damaged, ORMUS or other energy channels will work with the body to Return To Original Design (RTOD). This is known as morphogenetics. This explains how people have been able to experience healing that was not supported by modern medical knowledge.

For further information on this subject:

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    Dr. Sergy Leikin
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