Being raised in the Worldwide Church of God has influenced me in many ways. One is in watching the climate of human activity in the world as it relates to the prophecies I’m very familiar with from the books of the Revelations and Daniel. I am seeing startling realities that correlate to those prophecies. We even have the sounding of the Trump! Sure, roll your eyes, but it is not the first time I have seen this kind of blunt materialization.

The concept of Gatherings came from my spiritual community. A time when people of like mind group together for protection, aid, or to accomplish great deeds. The word Gathering has been knocking about in my head lately. That word came to me when my nephew called me to ask for help in a dire situation. He had lost his home and was not working.

I live in a family home that had been a large part of his childhood. As difficult and dysfunctional as my family was, it is still a place of refuge. Since I have moved back to the family home, I have worked diligently to rid the land and buildings of dark residual energy. The last of it left early this summer when we completed a building repair project that unearthed a hidden energy portal. My husband has recognized this is a place of healing.

I have been working on my own healing and deprogramming since moving back to this address. In turn, I have been repairing the energy that exists here to a lighter and higher vibration. In 2015, I was told I would do this by a Reiki Master I met while traveling in Austin, Texas. At the time, I had no idea what she could have meant, but kept an open mind and filed that bit of information right in there. Now it is coming back out and showing me the path I have been on. I chose this path, it seemed the right way to proceed, yet I had no idea that this choice would put me exactly where I needed to be now. And yet, HERE. I. AM.

So when my nephew called and told me he was very embarrassed to even ask, but he needed our help, hubs and I knew we needed to step up. It was not going to be easy, we did not know how this would work out, but we needed to make it happen.

It Is Only the Beginning

My youngest sister is a co-owner of the home. She has been living very contentedly in New York and had no interest in moving back to the home state. Over a year ago, she and her partner moved to California. When I learned of the impending move, I did not have a good feeling about it, yet that was not my call to make. It turns out it was not a move for the better, but it was a necessary move to put her into a new frame of thought.

She had decided that it was best to move back to Florida, although she is has not yet put action into doing this. Perhaps the recent Earthquakes are a good indication she needs to leave sooner than later? We are more Hurricane type of gals, afterall. LOL I am comforted to know she plans to be back in Florida in 3 months.

Today, there was a knock at the door and i was greeted by the warm smile of my son! He had been out of contact for almost two years. He has been always very connected to spirit and was compelled to come back here in spite of the knowledge that he might face some discomfort with past events that he left unresolved.

Yes, this is definitely beginning to feel like a Gathering.

I have had many dreams when I was young that have turned out to be important messages for my future self. In my teen years, I had a repeating dream where I find myself in a balmy, overgrown jungle. I was busy with a Swiss Family Robinson type of homestead and using an old fashion treadle sewing machine to make clothes. At that time, I was merely amused to find myself in a survival situation and knowing I could take care of myself.

Now, with the things I see happening in the world, I feel strongly that this was a prophetic dream. I do not see it as a doomsday dream, I see it as positive and that it is an indication that we will survive and rebuild with care.

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