Be a Lighthouse

Be a Lighthouse

A lot of people I talk to are connected to their higher spiritually and feel they are here to help others navigate through the struggles of life. An aspect of achieving higher consciousness is our connectivity to all life forms through empathy. We can feel what another being is feeling.

When I first noticed this happening, I thought it was kind of neat. Useful, even. Indeed it can be useful if one knows how it is to be used safely. For a long time, I had no idea there was an on/off switch.

My Wake Up Call

A few years ago, I was hired by a Business Coach to help with the planning and execution of a three-day event. These events are a huge undertaking and we had a good team working together for over a year to prepare. Yet, for some reason, I was feeling a lot of stress and it was beginning to make me physically ill. It occurred to me one day that I was feeling the stress of the woman who was holding the event!

For me, stress is not a motivator. It shuts me down. However, stress for that Coach was a like a shot of espresso. It kept her focused and moving forward. When I realized that it was her energy I was empathically receiving, I really wanted to quit. I stayed through to the final curtain, managing stress with every method I knew of. It was another year before I found out that I could shut off the Empath switch when necessary and appropriate.

Lighthouse Technology

Today, I often observe Empaths complaining and explaining how toxic a lot of people are to them. Many Empaths find themselves in narcissistic relationships over and over again because Narcissists and Empaths feed on each other’s energy. I certainly understand what the Empath is expressing because I still feel what is going on with a being just by looking at them. However, now I am able to observe without taking on their emotion and pain or pleasure.

In a recent conversation with a family member who had experienced repetitive relationship difficulties, she was telling me of her own breakthrough with narcissistic behavior. She used a Lighthouse as an example of how Empaths can help others by being a beacon to guide safely past the rocks. We don’t go out into the dark sea where they are at and risk your own well being.

If you are having trouble with this yourself, meditation is a great place to start by recognizing what is and is not your problem. I really dislike using the word problem to describe what is really a puzzle or a lesson we are in the midst of learning. Yet it is a problem until you recognize this fact. We all must navigate lessons our soul came here to learn oursel. When Empaths feel others’ pain, this can be considered a tool of diagnosis and once recognized, we must release those feelings. From a place of strength and wholeness, we can shine the beacon that leads the way to safety. With that, our work is done.

It is up to the Navigator to choose the course.

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