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Pop Quiz Test

Life is filled with little twists and turns that provide endless opportunities to teach a new lesson. It is getting to be quite fun, after working the formula several times, to learn what the lesson is. It is certainly encouraging to know my Guides are always there for my support and growth. Here’s the latest:

The Lesson Appears

Last night I was on a type of think tank/support call. After the organizer gave us the topic and her thoughts on it, she opened the mike to the listeners for comments and questions. This was a topic I was somewhat familiar with due to lots of research in the area.

The topic is disclosure, specifically of Exo-terrestrial lifeforms and the best method of disclosure to the general public. Ripping off the bandaid or softly exposing the truth. I won’t say I am an expert on the topic, but I have some personal experience and I hoped to weigh in with some thoughts I had to for other’s input, to enter into the conversation.

There were many great questions and comments in the Q & A portion and I did not get a chance to speak. After the call ended, I just said to myself, this must not be for the group, so I called the group leader this morning to chat. She hesitated a moment when I asked if she was available, then she said to go ahead.

The previous evening’s discussion had been about whether a soft [ET] disclosure was the most beneficial for humanity. The responders were in favor of the “soft” version. I wondered if this referred to linear time frame, stretching it out over 50 to 100 years. I felt that to be too long a period to effect a positive outcome.

During my conversation with her, my stomach quivered and my throat constricted. I couldn’t find the words I wanted to express myself.

I was nervous… WHY?

After saying goodbye, I decided it was time for some soul alchemy. Why was I nervous? After a bout of words with myself, I concluded that a part of me wanted validation. l was shocked and ashamed. Time for some Inner Child work. My foremost thoughts truly had been to be of assistance as part of the Collective Consciousness. However, deep inside, I found a part of me that wanted validation amongst my peers.

There was a time when “adding my two cents” was a very different lesson. I would not speak up because of fear. I was afraid of looking or sounding foolish or of being wrong. Ego. These lessons are like slippery worms squiggling between my fingers.

After doing the inner work with my shadows many times I found a formula to help. I reach the Aha! moments much more quickly, now. Today the assignment took less than an hour to complete. I thanked my shallow need of validation for the lesson, for pointing out this area of egoic misguidance. My call to to the organizer was valid for expressing my thoughts and to ask for her feedback. I overshot that goal with an inner need to express my opinion, hoping to find a place at the round table, so to speak.

Love the Child, allow her to process the emotion, then release it. “Thank you, Child, for showing me how to be strong within myself.”

Next, The Test

The pop quiz immediately follows, “Can I follow the same steps to the same conclusion?”

I was chatting with my son on the phone when I received an emotional text from another family member. She was at wit’s end. I ended the call with my son to called her. I listened to her complaints about the treatment she received from her partner, I asked if she wanted to work on resolving this once and for all by using the formula to find the lesson she was being faced with. In her high emotional state, it was clear she was not ready.

She ended the call abruptly saying she needed to talk to her partner. In the quiet that followed, it hit me, her Inner Child was seeking validation! My lesson from the morning came back around like a pop quiz to test my recall of what I had just learned.

Now, when she is in a calm state of mind, I can guide her through the formula when she is ready to put this lesson to bed. This, in turn, recaps my own lesson, further enmeshing the knowledge within my soul.

Thank you, Inner Child, you have helped me to grow. I love you. Aho.

With Love & Light.

The Prison Waif- a Lesson from the Oracle
The Prison Waif reversed.
“Perhaps your expectations of negative results and repercussions serve to keep you imprisoned by your own thoughts…. as your Challenger, he warns you that you’re seeing the results of those negative thoughts and expectations. If you don’t like what you see, it’s time to transform the way you see it. If you aren’t happy with your life, change your thoughts: that alone has the power to change your life.”
from Collette Baron-Reid’s Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle cards and Guidebook

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