Pressure Release – Pedophilia disclosure to follow?

There has been a lot of social agitation this summer. We are currently experiencing a bleed off of the built-up pressure. It’s astonishing how quickly balance is achieved when work together with compassion, and compassion will be key in dealing with pedophilia.

Trump vs. Hillary = Trump Hillary.

During the Presidential campaign, Donald Trump was referenced in the media by his surname. Trump is a word that literally means to outrank or defeat someone in a highly public way. Calling Hillary by her given name familiarizes her on a lower social level with lack of respect for her position. President Donald Trump is a simple man at his core, but he created the possibility to have everything he has enjoyed in life with his words and he did, indeed, Trump Hillary.

I could never have seen this coming. As I watched each side act out their role, I could see many scenarios playing out depending on the winner. Reality ultimately unfolded a sublime script to bring us where we need to be consciously in such a comparatively gentle manner. Shock and Awe would certainly drive far too many people, already close to cracking en masse, insane.

Hillary connected to pedophilia?

Trump is disrespectful of women. He admits this. The Hillary Campaign pointed their fingers at him objectifying women, all the while taking part in ritualistic occult practices involving torture, rape and cannibalism themselves. Did your eyes just glaze over? Nobody likes to admit to believing this, even when faced with proof. Additionally, Hillary is married to a man who is also known for taking sexual advantage of women. He got away with this behavior while sitting in the Oval Office, literally. Hillary did not have much to say about that. Your daughters will probably want an explanation for that, too.

Donald Trump admits he objectifies women in his clumsy, simple way, “It was just locker room talk.” Bill and Hillary refuse to acknowledge the truth about their own aberrant behavior.


Let’s fast forward to October 2017, Facebook is experiencing a new wave of participation with the #metoo posts by women and men regarding sexual abuse they have experienced. The campaign is to shed light on the saturation level. I have also experienced sexual trauma though I am not going to use the word victimized to describe the experience. I no longer call myself a survivor, either, this still creates a perception of victimization. Originally, I wasn’t going to make a #metoo post because I felt I would identify as a victim. Now I see adding my voice is important to support the shift that is coming.

So here it goes: I was an infant when I was sexually activated. I had been groomed through mind control, compartmentalizing my memories and setting me up to serve a purpose when and if called to it. Part of this grooming was Project Monarch, sexual trauma. Large segments of my childhood were blank for a long time. I don’t remember why they started to come back, but it began in my 30’s. Just random bits of memory coming back with startling detail. Like the time my dad told me about how he and my mom had sex and he wanted me to experience it, too.

Connecting the Dots

As repressed memories return, I find not all are sexual, but all are traumatic and designed to create dissociation. At first it was not easy when the puzzle pieces began to connect. In time the shock faded and I was dumbstruck by the way the picture began to gather focused detail.

So Many Men

There were many men in addition to my father who sexually pursued me before I was 18.

Once, an old man engaged my brothers in a conversation under the bridge we jumped from to cool off in the summer. He waited until I jumped into the water to approach and strike a friendship with the boys. As I swam to the bank, I could see him in conversation with them while his eyes darted at me. I suddenly felt very uncomfortable and realized my white tee shirt was transparent when wet. I was still very boyish at 11 years old, yet that did not stop him from leering at me. He tried to draw me into the conversation but instinct told me to get out of there quickly. I said we needed to leave, and proceeded up the bank into view of the street.

Men masturbated in front of me, including a contractor doing work at a neighbor’s house. He had a wife and children.

Countless men pulled over to offer me a ride when I was walking home from school. They yelled Bitch! as they sped off when I told them no, thank you. I shudder to think what could have happened if I got into any of their vehicles.

Fortunately, I was much older and better to handle rape when it happened. Through conditioning, I believed I had brought it upon myself.

The Bigger Picture

I have listed only a sample of my experiences. What hurt and confused me most happened when I was 16 years old. My father, drunk, had a friend at the house. It was late. The rest of the family was asleep. I was on my way to the kitchen for a drink when my father intercepted me, he reached for me sexually, telling his friend I lost my virginity behind a hill in the back yard, which I had not. I pulled away from him and pleaded with his friend for help. He held up his hands and said this was none of his business. That stunned me and gave me the greatest pain and confusion for 40+ years. When I began to learn there is pedophile ring spanning the globe, I realized this friend was likely a participant. He may have hoped to watch, or even join in. I could forgive and understand my father, who, in my opinion at that time, was mentally maladjusted by his mother and grandmother and Catholicism. But, this other adult, how could he do nothing? It was not until I read Cathy O’Brien’s book, The Trance-Formation of America that I understood what I had experienced was but a small part of this pedophile sub-culture.

The Calm Before the Storm

President Trump mentioned being in the calm before the storm a week ago. One can not make a statement like that without every one who hears it speculating what that could mean. I have heard that it might have something to do with North Korea, or the Middle East or the truth behind the Kennedy assassination. Perhaps there will be disclosure on the energy technologies that have been held in secret by the Military Industrial Complex and Corporate Interests and the Globalist plans for a New World Order. Some have wondered if it could be the pedophilia that is plaguing the highest echelons of government and entertainment of the entire planet. I have avoided speculating, yet, as I hear all these ideas bandied about, the one that rings truest is a pedophilia disclosure.

The #metoo campaign appears to prepare people for a softer version of this disclosure than we might have imagined. Ripping the bandage off quickly would be quick and thorough, but also quite painful. The way events are unfolding now is producing a quiet pressure release. When the larger scope of this problem is revealed,  I believe people will be better capable of accepting this staggering truth.

Time to Heal

Disclosure is a time for healing. Now is the opportunity for pedophiles to come clean. But what are we supposed to do when the names are released? The most healing way to deal with this is with compassion rather than vengeance. Reversing roles and seeking vengeance perpetuates the darkness. What we learn along the spiritual path is that darkness ultimately serves the light. That the role of darkness is to mirror us and show us the lessons we need to learn. We have to recognize our part in this game. When we understand we chose the blueprint for this lifetime prior to birth, that people who loved us agreed to be our mirror so we could see what we wanted to change within. With lesson learned, we can free them from karma. This is the first step of the Formula of Compassion.

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