Week #15 April 9-16

Theme – The Star | This week we deal with spiritual growth. Your soul is bared and you are connected and fully abundant in your own spirituality. A feminine figure, which represents creative and nurturing energy, is present. She pours water from a vessel held in the right hand into a large body of water. With the left hand, the water she pours flows outward with a little bit of overflow trickling back into the reservoir.
Sunday – Ace of Pentacles | It is a time of beginning, a new Spiritual path, or a new level of growth. As we enter the season of Easter and Passover or other rituals of Spring, whether you are a follower of these traditions or not, there is a cycle that naturally occurs and you are in it. Behold what is being shown to you.
Monday – The Sun | Seeker, you are enjoying the benefits of your inner work. The sun the sunflowers, the golden pennant… all is golden the highest quality of the elements. Purity. The baby is wearing a crown and a feather is stuck in it! Yes, you can pat yourself on the back for your diligence.
Tuesday – 2 of Swords | The Real World is at your door, how will you present yourself? Your spiritual side is developing nicely, Will you choose to continue and show this side of yourself to the world or will you fall back into old patterns of the subconscious who wants to protect you from perceived dangers? The waters are calm, but you must take off the blindfold to see that.
I see this card as a way of showing us how we throw up our own barriers.
Wednesday – The Hermit | We have been seeking spiritual truth, our own enlightenment. The lamp is lit with a star, again we are presented with a symbol of spirituality. We have this light in our possession, let’s use it to shine a light for others. It is usually by example, not through our words, that others “come into the light.”
Thursday – 9 of Wands | 9s show us we are at the top of a cycle, look at this guy- he is looking back over his shoulder to the past, he has started a lot of fires and they are growing. Will he be able to keep up with it all? Remember in all you do to take time and nurture yourself. The week is winding down, refrain from starting anything new. Tend to what is currently going on and to yourself.
Friday – The Hierophant | As your spiritual journey this week winds down, rest assured you are making progress. So much so that others may be coming to you with questions. Even when you feel you have far to go, others are behind you and often will ask you for assistance. This is part of a pattern I have seen repeated with every major lesson I have received. There is first an awakening, then training or a lesson, a time of introspection, a teaching opportunity which is followed by implantation of the lesson. It becomes part of you.
Saturday – Page of Swords | The trainee steps up to bat! Ready to swing the sword and follow through. The suit of Swords deals with communication and you are ready to communicate, there is no need to hide who you are. As we saw with the theme card, your soul has been bared and there is no shame. You are in a place of abundance. Those close to you may oppose these changes at first, follow through with what you have gained and in time they will see the light you are carrying.
*This post is a bit late, I had a tarot class over the weekend and I wanted to be able to incorporate what I learned. It is very interesting that many of these cards were pulled in our practice spreads using other’s decks. When I see cards repeating, it adds emphasis to the message.
In Love & Light

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We Are (Continuously) Being Lied To

There are times when my frustration mounts, this is one of those times. We complain about the condition of the world, yet we expect someone else to fix it for us. Yet, this is not going to happen without some effort on our part.

Raised to Be Obedient

From the day of my birth, there was a campaign going on to hold me under control. Did it begin with my parents, looking out for my best interests? At one time I held that lofty ideal in my heart. Now, I see the insidious scheme created by a few who intend to keep the majority of humankind enslaved on this planet, spiritually and physically has been running a long time. Some of you are blissfully unaware of the secret programs being run by our government, however, there is a growing number of people who are now aware of the MK Monarch, MK Ultra and other MK (mind control) programs being run by our government and military. Some, like myself, having been unwitting participants of programs such as these. Now the sexual trauma I experienced since my infancy make sense to me and I know why I came into this family of control and abuse. I incarnated to become an insider, living through these traumas of physical, sexual and psychological abuse to better understand the reality and the method of escape for others. Why would I choose a life of control for this incarnation? Would it not be more efficient to come in strength and save people from the evils of this world?

Your One True Savior

Easter has just passed and Facebook was littered with pictures of an empty crucifix with the words, “He is risen.” Jesus did come to enlighten the world with truth that could save us from the fate we head toward at an ever increasing rate. Only, the controlling establishments of the world have altered the story. They have denied us our birthright as members of the Divine Family that we all are born into. We are told we are sinners. We can’t approach the Divine except through our superiors in the priesthood. We are told we are corrupt, we need someone to govern us to keep us safe from each other. The truth is, we must save ourselves. Apathy brings no reward.

The Pot Calls the Kettle Black

As intelligent beings, how much longer will we accept these stories as truth when these superiors are continuously called out publicly by the innocents they were meant to protect? Priests, teachers and politicians are being named in sexual abuse cases every day. Police, military groups, financial giants, entertainment and news media have all had a hand in corrupt and secret activities. When one of these leaders is caught with undeniable evidence, it is often swept under the rug. When punishment is publicly demanded, the sentencing is ridiculously mild. Take for example, in late 2016, the emails from Anthony Weiner’s shared laptop which implicate the Podestas, the Clintons and other public figures in well-organized and widespread pedophile activity. Six months later, no formal announcement of infiltrating this ring are being widely announced. There is talk of secret tribunals  being held and an occasional news story of arrests of public figures that never make the national news. Nor is the public crying out en masse for anyone to expose the truth of this evidence.  The few who try to raise awareness and bring justice for the victims into play are ridiculed. Why is this? And this, my friends is why no one will step in for us. We need to speak up for ourselves before we will have the change we demand others to bring to us at their own risk and peril.

Beware of Institutions of Control

The desire to control is powerful. It drives everyone, from a child trying to get their own way to the corporate giant spinning deals behind closed doors. It is those secret meetings and the secret societies that hold them that are most dangerous. Our beloved President John F. Kennedy warned us in his speech at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City on April 27, 1961.

<<<Read the President and the Press Speech- Click Here >>>

Dr. Stephen Greer has this to say, “99% of all the information that the public has is well-crafted disinformation designed to create fear and an artificial need for protection.” If more people would heed this message, make a conscious decision to rise above fear and become self sovereign, we could save ourselves. I’d certainly be a lot less frustrated.

What to do? Become more loving and forgiving, of yourself and of others. Meditate, alone and in groups. Serve others in whatever way you are capable. Stop looking to others to change the world, when you do these things yourself, the world will change.

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I was led to this article about Cintamani Stones. In addition to sharing the story and research, the author shares the conclusion that WE are the ones we have been waiting for. I quote below:

“We are the ones we have been waiting for!
There are many different beautiful ways now in the world to make changes in our lives. Bodywork, meditation, retreats, tantra, yoga, medicine plants, etc. If done under the right assistance you can make lasting changes in your life for the benefit of all.”

Updates and Upgrades

From time to time, you will find I go quiet. These are times of lessons and upgrades coming at me in very rapid succession. My posts will likely reflect this change. I am not one to really plan out my posts. They are real time and focused on what is happening right now.

That just triggered a memory about the importance of this moment. Not the past, not the future, NOW. Now is the only time I can make any changes. Improvements. Yeah, because any change would be for the better, I certainly expect so anyway.

Since I have left my job at The Home Depot to drive for Uber, I find myself in many deep and meaningful conversations with my riders. Not always, but yes, quite often. Once, a rider asked about the book I had sitting on the dash. I read when I am waiting on my first call and the book as Ascension Mysteries by David Wilcock . I had an amazing opportunity land in my lap to share this jewel of a book. I had not considered this and instead stammered out a lame response.

Most of the time conversation flows easily with those who want to talk. One question that keeps coming up is whether I feel safe. That answer is always “Yes! I feel very safe.” I explain that I create my world and the experiences I wish to show up for me. This has extended to the areas I drive in and even the direct path they take. When I find myself at the end of the day and wanting to return closer to home, I announce I would like a trip that takes me in that direction. It is happened for me every time. I request interesting and nice people and this, too is what I receive.

A Warning

A few months ago I was working on setting up an email address specifically for this site. There is nothing technical about this, just go into my c-panel, create an email account name and password, then connect it to my gmail account for delivery. Before I could complete the task I experienced a sort of internet burp and next I was locked out of my c-panel and all three of my live sites were down. Being a Friday, I would have to wait the weekend out to find out what happened.

Turns out, my own ip address had been blocked. There are ways this could have happened with my hacker protection, however I was not engaged in any behavior that could have locked my out of my own website and also take them down from everyone’s view.

That is unless you count my recent surfing sites to learn all I could about the Cabal, pedophilia rings, Exoterrestrials and Ascension. These have been a part of the reason for my going quiet. Not an easy study and quite personal sometimes.

I can’t go into depth at this time, but I will be sharing what I have been learning. It is important for all humans to have this information for their own growth and also for protection, so you can create your own reality wherein you are safe. All I will say for now is we have been lied to in massive proportions. Disclosure is in the works, and all will know the truth in time. Do you want to wait?

The information I will be sharing is the reason my ip became blocked. I was given notice I am being watched. I expect some readers to lose interest in my blog at this point. That is okay with me. I have to speak my truth and not everyone is ready for it.

I am going to close this on a high note. Whatever you decide at this moment is what you need in your life now. There is no wrong answer and everything ultimately brings you to where you have chosen to be. When you want to change the scenery, you only need to focus on what you wish to see next.

Humans are Ascending and the Universe is going to support us as we individually choose to accept this.

In love and light.

Why you should look forward to this Mercury in Retrograde.

 Mercury from NASA Explorer
When I first learned of MIR late in 2015, I was relieved to know there was a reason for what I had been experiencing. The next few times it happened, I buckled my seatbelt and got ready for the ride. About the fourth or fifth time (I even entertained the fleeting thought, is Mercury ever out of retrograde?) I rolled my eyes and dealt with whatever came with it off the cuff.
Here we are at the end of 2016. We just came through a surreal election where the Elite party was usurped by Mr. Trump, which, by-the-way is still an unfolding story. Just as we enter my sign of Capricorn, Mercury has slipped into retrograde again. Memories of MIRs past want to create *Beliefs and my body reacts, feeling stress and trepidation at the thought. Now that I am conscious of my belief system (Did I just discover another body system?) I am rejecting the idea that the past will dictate my future. I am a Creator, after all. I can use this time for its characteristics and create something positive to experience.
I was checking in with other viewpoints of MIR symptoms and found Prevention magazine’s article titled 6 Things Mercury In Retrograde Could Mean For Your Health. It is a helpful article, especially if you are just learning about this effect. Having experienced this half a dozen times or more now, I am ready for a new experience. So, I am going to go through these symptoms and reframe them.
  1. Everything annoys you. Because Mercury governs the nervous system, we become edgy and unrestful. When we bump into others going through the same feelings, miscommunications occur. Things get in our way and we lose our flow. This is a perfect time to take a look at the emotion we are feeling and practice transmuting it to one of higher vibration. For me, this looks like, “I feel stressed, what is causing it?” After pinpointing the source, yes, it is usually “duh-obvious” but this is the moment to take note and change our outlook. I ask myself a series of questions ending with, “Does this truly matter enough for me invest in a lousy experience?” I take this opportunity to practice the Law of One in service to others and send myself, any other person involved and the entire situation Light and Love. This will result in Heart chakra activation and a warm hug from the inside out. Peace.
  2. You feel like no one understands youYou are probably feeling foggy and finding yourself having to restate things you have said. The synapses in the front the brain are affecting thought processes in yourself and everyone around you. Now is a time to put off signing contracts or making long-term commitments. Give yourself time to think things through without stress. Most things can be shelved for a few days. If something truly presses, go back to a time where you know you were thinking clearly and recall how you felt then. Spend time in meditation on this subject to focus. 
  3. You can’t shake that late-spring cold. When you know you are heading into MIR, it is a good time to review your health practices. Are you getting enough rest? Eating healthy, high vibrational foods, grounding to Earth, nurturing your soul, etc. Consider this a Universal reminder to take some “Me” time and replenish your own immune system through nurturing practices. Use aromatherapy to clear your sinuses and brain fog. Take energizing Epsom salt baths. My very favorite is Dr. Teal’s Eucalyptus and Spearmint, it makes my entire house smell like a spa.
  4. Hitting the gym is harder than usual. You risk hurting yourself at this time because of lack of focus. Use this time to rebuild your body through nurturing. Muscle is torn down during strenuous activity and new muscle develops in the resting phase. Eat high-quality proteins giving your muscles the building blocks they need. Use this time to get a pedicure or reflexology, foot massages release toxins and the nerves in the foot go back to the entire body energizing the entire nervous system.
  5. Your gut goes haywire. The correlation between emotions and the gut create upsets in the digestive system. Following the previous activities mentioned may have already saved you from this discomfort. If this is a time of massive emotional clearing, then try sipping some fresh ginger and lemon tea. Add a little cayenne for extra effectiveness and clear out any parasites that may be contributing. 
  6. You feel like recharging. For me, this is what its is all about! My past seems to come around in a variety of ways. Old friends turn up out of the blue. Reunion with family members that are miles away. Revisiting old emotional wounds that need healing or relationships that need forgiving. This is an excellent time to meditate and find in yourself what is ready to come out and transmute at this time. Your developing Light Body needs to release waste. A very unusual but highly effective meditation came to my attention several months ago. The great thing about this particular meditation is that you CAN’T say you haven’t any time because you practice the Elimination Meditation while you are on the toilet. Even healthy foods produce waste we must eliminate and as you do this, it is a great time for introspection into your emotional baggage. Exercise unconditional forgiveness and release heavy feelings towards yourself or others. Recognize that the pursuit of happiness is why we sometimes act in ways that are hurtful to others. Send love and forgiveness to yourself and to others. 
On January 8 as we come out of this retrograde, you should feel lighter and energized. You will have gained new perspectives on situations around you because you took the time to listen to your body and the Universe.
I send you Light and Love.

*Beliefs are created by religion, society, the subconscious, and your Ego based on past experiences or mind control agendas. As a Creator, you control what you experience through the energy of your thoughts and words.

I Have Always Known

“Gnosis is the common Greek noun for knowledge.”

Many times when I was young I have wondered, “How do I know that?” Somehow, it was apparent to others because people came to me for answers about a wide variety of subjects. How to build or make things. Resolving social/relationship issues. Health questions. Even before I was a teen. To me, that was just weird, and I always wondered how, why?

This morning I woke with the memory that I had been in discussion with a large group of people, or entities. I don’t believe all were human. A blog post by Dayna Stone from a year ago has been on my mind and with that memory, it was my first conscious thought. In her post, Dayna described the grid and something she called Flash Consciousness. The first time I read this post, I found it an interesting account of someone else’s experience. I am now seeing how unconsciously it became a part of my own gnosis.

I am perceiving gnosis as a form of memory from experiences collected from this and previous lives. Sometimes these memories come back as likes or dislikes. I love fringe and trees. I hold nature as sacred and connected to me. I scout land (or my surroundings) for resources instinctively. These are examples from my former lives as an Indigenous American. At other times I just know how something works or how to do something others find complicated. I exhibited knowledge and familiarity in the field of construction, a very useful ability in my life. Unfortunately, the voice of doubt creeps in over time when the few times someone questions me, “How do you know that’s true?” My husband is usually that voice and had a drip drip drip effect of wearing me down over time.

Got a Gut Feeling? Go With It

As I become more and more familiar with my spiritual side, I am finding that, although I may not know how to explain where knowledge came from, my information is indeed correct. There is a reason people say they have a gut feeling. This is the first place we feel intuition, especially noticeable when it is an unpleasant intuition. It is our 3rd, or Solar Plexus, Chakra (energy center). Even more interesting is that scientists have found brain cells reside in our gut. Confirmation. *Scientists can only corroborate what we know to be true when they know how and where to look for evidence. Sometimes they must wait for the technology to exist to learn the facts. A true pioneer, I choose to stay with my gut rather than wait for science to catch up. 

After the better part of two years of plugging into spiritual training, I am beginning to act on may own intuition. One such occasion is the recent Standing Rock protest of the Dakota Access Pipe Line (DAPL). Many people were supporting the protesters and I did, too. My mind began to take me deeper into thought about this situation and showed me that awakening is not for those already awakened. I began to send love to the people on the opposite side of the protestors. I sent the wish for enlightenment. I opened the possibility for them to see that stopping this pipeline was good for them, too. Many of these people are only doing their job and a in fear of losing it or the means of feeding their families and paying bills. I sent them a message to look for another way.

This is where I identified with Dayna’s dream about the grid. I see myself as connected with others holding this energy. I don’t know who they are (consciously) yet I know they are there and our energy connects. As others become aware they become a conscious or unconscious part of this grid. It does not matter which it is. This is a vision I originally had at the age of 15. I always knew this was coming, but at that time, I only saw it as a beautiful vision. As this grid grows, a blanket higher consciousness covers the planet and begins to change fear to wonder. Dayna referred to Flash Consciousness, this is how I feel the message getting to those awakening. It is just a flash to make them aware, not to overtake or overpower, which is the control the world is under now. Instead, this is just to catalyze thought. Perhaps remind them of something they already had gnosis of only had allowed the dripping of the controllers to dilute over time.

Returning to Your Own Gnosis

Changing the tide is a slow process and takes patience. It is certainly not impossible and does become easier as you get closer to that reversed flow. Start by STOPPING the inflow of bad information. Mainstream Media in all forms should be curtailed. If you can jump off cold turkey, good for you! Many of us do have programs we enjoy and like to unwind the day with them. Don’t deny true pleasures for this is a way to raise your vibration. In time, the desire to keep up with most of these will probably fade, too.

Begin to meditate. There are many ways to do so and just by trying you will be doing it right. Meditation is about observation. If you can quiet your mind and listen to the sounds of the world around you, start with that. Some people find it easier to chant a mantra, listen to instrumental music, nature sounds or a guided meditation. Start with 5 minutes of quieting your mind. If you find that this is impossible, use your observation to note what is coming into your thoughts.

Begin to smile at people. By allowing yourself to open up to everybody, you begin to unravel the grip of fear. Your own and that of the person you are giving the smile to. We are all connected but that connection has become brittle and the flow of energy is barely perceptible at times. Restoring that flow will bring back our connection to each other in a beautiful and loving way. For most of us, it is hard to do something mean against someone who is nice to you (don’t worry about the few who do, they will come around). Every fear you release opens up your own energy flow to source.

Along with smiling at strangers, release judgment which is just ego trying to control you. At first I had a hard time smiling at the beggars on the street corners or people I thought looked dirty, scary or odd in some other way. I began sending love energy to them and then a smile, realizing we are all one. These are experiences these people are utilizing for their own purpose, I have no place in judging what they choose to experience. Their appearance on my path are an opportunity for me to learn and exercise compassion. Everything is connected.

I could go on and on with this subject, however, I only want to spark thought, and this may be more than enough to do that. I hope you will add your thoughts in the comments below.

Love is Always the Answer

In 1982, I became a 2-year-old class Teacher’s Aid at a premium day-care center. This center proudly boasted its academic program when socialization is more appropriate for young humans entering peer groups, often for the first time in their young lives. I am not against teaching academia at a young age. I contend that it should not outweigh the need for learning social graces and conflict resolution as evidenced by the frustration, anger, and impatience commonly displayed in current society.

On one typical day in the classroom, “Kelly” was experiencing rising frustration. Not getting the attention she required due to the highly active state of the attending little humans, Kelly’s frustration escalated and she began kicking her feet, dislodging her shoes. This finally caught the attention of the adult in charge. The teacher raised her voice and enlisted the attention of Kelly’s classmates announcing, “Look what Kelly did!” As 20+ sets of eyes turn to Kelly accusingly. Kelly, red in the face, responded by averting her eyes to her lap. A cacophony arose from the group when asked, “What did Kelly do wrong?” which only served to make the situation far worse, nothing resembling a nurturing and teaching environment.

I was horrified and speechless as the teacher sent Kelly to the corner to “think about what she had done.” Thus begins the life of a future adult.

Lessons Come in Recurring Patterns

Before moving on, I must not leave you dangling. Shortly after I began as her aid, the teacher of that class quit the job suddenly. I was offered the position as a matter of convenience to the school. I did make some important changes.

Now, years later I am able to see a pattern in life that relates to this event. It happened last night when a clerk at a store I frequently visit learned that I have been driving for Uber. She was concerned for my safety because of what she hears in the news.

This got me to thinking about the News, or as I call it, Mainstream Media, MSM for short. MSM also encompasses the entertainment media, movies, most tv series, and music. I stopped engaging with most of it because I am not going to buy into the version of reality they are creating. I told the clerk that for every bad story she hears on the news there are countless good stories she does not get to hear. This is why I stopped listening to the news. We are told to “Look at what [insert name] has done!” and led to making judgments and shaming people when we have little to no information about an incident. We begin to see the world as a bad and dangerous place when in truth we are only seeing a small sampling of what is really happening.

MSM Fosters Fear

Although I choose not to listen to the news, my husband is drawn to it. He will listen to the newscast over and over flipping from channel to channel to get the different opinions offered by each station. I usually tune it out by putting on headphones or leaving the room, but this morning I caught the keyword UBER in the news. Not once, but twice! One was a story about an Uber driver being shot at, possibly even targeted. The other was about guidelines being posted online about behavior while riding/driving in response to overtly sexual advances that have occurred. FEAR

I have to laugh because once again, “they” are tuned into me and trying to alter my actions to suit their machinations. Not that, by scaring me out of driving for Uber, will fulfill some goal be fulfilled. No, rather it is just to set me up for being under control again.

Living In Love

I have been reading the Law of One, which are the channeled messages of the Collective Consciousness of Ra. Emotions are distortions of our creation. The first distortion and the highest vibration is Love. Every emotion is a fraction splintered off from this starting point.

During my time working with Miss Raina, I was shown how emotion is tied to ego. I am now equipped to identify when low vibrating emotion emerges and how to transmute it to the corresponding emotion of higher vibration. With practice, one learns that Love fits every situation.

When frustration, fear, anger, stress, or disgust well up in me, I generally feel in in my heart. This is one step in the transmutation process, identifying the location of the feeling. Once I have a location I begin to fill that space with light and with unconditional love. The dis-ease melts away and is replaced with warmth and well-being.

Testing My New Tools

With every lesson come the opportunity to give it a test drive. At first, it seems like a failure when we face old patterns. This is not true, it is actually a signal that this lesson is complete and you are given an opportunity to test out the new tool you possess. I have been learning to Love unconditionally.

  1. I am met with people having a bad day and they are mean towards me. *Don’t engage, send love.
  2. I am met with people who with poor hygiene. *Don’t judge, send love.
  3. I am personally attacked through a misunderstanding. *Don’t allow Ego to engage, send love.
  4. I learn about atrocities committed against innocent humans beings. *Don’t allow emotion to fire up. Send love.
  5. I see photographs of REVOLTING, UNSPEAKABLE acts on innocent humans. (I will not lie, this was the most recent and by far the most difficult test. I had to ask “why was I allowed to see this?”)  *Know that we are One. Send Love.

As I was in the 5th test, I knew my vibration had hit nearly zero. I was actually fearful of going to sleep at the end of the day with this image in my head and in this low vibrational state. I kept asking “why?” for several hours. Tears came. After releasing some of the emotion through tears and grief, I knowingly began to look for the light and the answer. **If you are a true seeker, you will always work out the answer. Like an algebra problem, step by step, you will find the way to unlock the answer and you are back in the Light!

Revisiting the classroom situation with Kelly, if the teacher reacted with dismay that Kelly had reached this level of frustration and proclaimed to the class, “Kelly is having a problem, she needs our help.” Then, lovingly scooped this child up giving her the moment of attention she needed, a huge lesson in compassion would have been learned by all. It may have taken all of 15 minutes to ground her and raise everybody’s vibration.

I can already feel test #6 coming my way…


**Of course, you are a true seeker or you would not be reading this post.



I had a dream just before waking in which I was being trained and given the keys to Home Depot where I work part time. Another person was being trained for closing the store with me. He was handed a bunch of keys on a orange stick, like you’d see at a gas station for the bathroom. I was handed keys on a purple and pink stick. The colors seemed childish, like my little pony or something.

Following my usual pattern, in the waking world I listened too intently to the words. I missed the meaning because of questions about that came up after my manager left. Specifically, where are the keys kept and how do I set the alarm?


Keys can hold a number of meanings, in this case there are several on the stick keychains. A bunch of keys signifies status, authority and power. The first key shown to me was good is gold, it suggests that influence, power and wealth will give you access to almost anything I want.

Purple is indicative of devotion, healing abilities, loving, kindness, and compassion. It is also the color of royalty, high rank, justice, wealth and dignity. Pink also carries a hint of healing through the heart. Although the color orange has an interpretation, this time if refers to Home Depot where I work part time. I was not handed the orange stick, but the purple and pink. This represents my Reiki practice.

The questions are interesting, and now I recognize this was a lucid dream. First I wondered about the alarm which could mean one may be questioning the decisions made. Alternatively, the dream may be a pun on an “alarming” situation which needs your immediate attention. You need to spring into action quickly. This need to spring into action is on target. Wondering where the keys are kept refers to finding the clients I will serve.

This dream followed a fantastic Reiki session I did for a dear friend. When I left, she was feeling loved, blessed, relaxed and pain free. She also received some information needed to help her reach goals she seeks.

The energy of this session brought me back two years to a day when someone I had just met gave me a Reiki session. The good feeling, the peacefulness lasted two weeks. Nothing could rattle me during that time. Even when my husband did some button pushing. I had loads of self confidence. I had always longed to get back to feeling that again. Yesterday I did!

Purging Inherited Patterns

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My daughter made a request that I assist her in a soul healing by smudging and clearing our family home on the New Moon. She is raising her Goddess energy and repairing past patterns that no longer serve. I had already performed this blessing ceremony twice and was so happy to be asked to do this for her. Funny thing with ceremonies, repetition tends to bring out new and deeper meanings. I was in for a huge surprise.

She asked me to concentrate on two particular rooms. One was my mother’s room and this was where I began. This room is now my meditation room and also the room where I keep Manna, therefore it was a fairly smooth process. Light language became a new element today, it was lovely. As I moved through the house, it all went rather like clockwork with the added element of LL and bringing in all the women of our family for healing. I paid a little extra attention at the portal at the end of the hallway because dark energy had used it quite regularly in the past bringing undesired influences. When I reached the second room she requested I pay particular attention to, I faced a glitch. I was interrupted several times. It became very obvious that these interruptions were no accident.

I came to the realization something was trying to keep me from finishing, I just faced it head on. I just kept starting over from the beginning. I laughed (raising vibration) and told whatever energy it was that tried to stop me that I was going to keep restarting until I finished the job. Smudging, sound therapy, blessings over and over again. During this process, memories of dark events that occurred in here filled my mind and I would send them back to the light for transmutation. Finally the energy cleared and I healed and sealed the room. I expect I will need to do this again several more times and leave protection to hold the space between blessings.

I choose to use the word blessing to create with positive and filling energy.  To use the word ‘clearing’ would be creation of a void.

The next room, one I use for an office was a piece of cake. When I start a new room, I always begin with sealing the space in all directions with light, driving out the darkness and shadows. I use smudging and sound to clear the energy and bring in high vibration. I speak my intentions for the space. As I said before, each time I repeat a ceremony, knowledge and deeper connection expands. I began channeling healing and expansion for the women in my past and the ones to come in the future. Time has no dominion. I began to hear in the channeled words that we are here to experience and throw back the veil on the deceit of this world. That it is time for goddess energy to emerge and stand in its place. The world needed to understand the imbalance that grows when the Divine Feminine is absent, but now is the time to bring her back. Nurturing, loving and creative, this is the strength of Divine Feminine energy and I invoke it on the New Moon, thanks to my daughter’s request.

There were just two more rooms to go. After I finished with my office space, I felt a heavy fatigue. Emotion. The thought that I could finish this later appeared out of nowhere. I was surprised by this thought but entertained it for a moment. “No, today is the day to finish this. The time is now.”

I entered the room that my husband uses for his office. I did not feel the smooth flow of energy as in the previous rooms, but stayed with it until the space felt, hmmm, neutral. Yes, that is the word. I did not feel a need to go any further with intention since this is his workspace, not mine. I only pass through here to go the the last room on my list, my bedroom.

I stood in front of the double french doors staring onto the dark room. He likes it dark and detests the morning sun waking him. Heavy emotion and even nausea overtake me. I don’t want to go in. I take a deep breath and as I exhale I push through the doors into the room. A wave of emotion hits me and I only want to sit on the floor and cry. I push back against this feeling, turn on every light, pull back the curtains and open the windows. I have to flush this dark energy before I can even think of beginning a blessing. Once the light is flooding in with the cool breeze from a cold front, I begin to walk through the room claiming my right and my power to create the reality I will experience here. Being a converted carport, this is a large room and I walked around for a good 10 minutes blowing out the shadows.

Finally the heaviness drifts away with the shadows and light language begins to pour in. After blessing the room and sealing the light in this space, I felt amazing. Powerful! Strong! I felt love and connection to Gaia, Creator, my sisters and ancestors. I feel the healing and stand with serenity in my space.

One more [surprising] thing came out of this blessing of the Divine Feminine, goddess energy. I had also channeled a blessing for the men in our family. As in the Ho’oponopono tradition using love to heal, I brought in the men that troubled us. I thanked them for the valuable lessons we learned and that they were willing to stand in a space considered vile by our society. I sent healing, love and light to them and that they may understand/learn their TRUE strength in the Divine Masculine.

Amen. So Be It. And So It Is.


A Magnificent Challenge

This blog post is a response to a challenge by Litebeing to Spread Magnificence Beyond Time and Space.

I love movies in the Fantasy genre. The Princess Bride, Lord of the Rings, The Labyrinth… The journey, the perils and triumphs from which emerges an unlikely Hero. I think all fans of these movies imagine themselves as that emerging Hero.

But, this is only a fantasy. Or…. is it?

Thanks to some personal Heros in my lifetime, I have seen behind the curtain and know that the ones running the show are no bigger than I am. They don’t have access to knowledge I can’t access. So what is really going on?

People Are Inherently Bad…

This is the premise that dictates we need a government to “look out for us.” This is why we need priests to “intervene” for us. This is why I believed I needed a Savior. So I took notes. I did not want to forget one iota of of the valuable information these enlightened leaders were so gracious to give me.

To say it is confusing when politicians, high ranking officials, ministers widely known and local, police and teachers’ bad choices are paraded nightly in the media news is an understatement. It led me to question, “what is going on with the world?”

For too long I allowed the rules set up by others to dictate my beliefs. I allowed religion to tell me I am a sinner and vile unless I have a Savior and to obey church doctrine (blindly following even when it changed). I allowed government to tell me how to live, and how much money I am allowed to have, to regulate resources that Earth supplies us all in abundance. Teachers teach what is currently approved, often not truth. The general population is reacting, pushing back against the control. The belief in separateness and lack creates a Me First mentality. But this post is about MAGNIFICENCE. How does that come about?

Learning Who I Am

Learning that our leadership is corrupt opened my eyes. There is no savior. I must become my own savior somehow. I must go whithin to find my beginning and truth. The false leaders have shown me much of what is wrong and distasteful in humanity, do I possess or display any of these characteristics? In some cases, yes! I have at one time or another acted out in ways I now forgive myself of. I have a shadow side. We all do, this is part of being whole. What sets us apart is where we choose to spend most of our time.

In this introspection, I learned I am not separate. I am part of everything, connected. I feel what others feel, and not just the people. I feel the trees, the birds, the animals and water and wind. I feel everything. How can this be if we are not connected? In Exodus 3:14 of the Bible and the Torah, God tells Moses to tell the Israelites that Ehyeh asher ehyeh sent him. This translates I am who I am. When I say it out loud, I can’t help but sound like I am speaking about myself. I am. I Am. I AM GOD. I am not separate- I am part of the whole. I iubegan to act and create in love and inclusive of the best interest for all.

Facing the Ego

Today I read a fascinating article about Trump as a spiritual teacher. Understanding the ego and putting it into is proper place (we do not eliminate ego, it has a purpose) will bring us all together, but ego likes to separate and divide me from others.

Squaring up to ego is a challenge I choose to face. I am rewarded by getting to know who I truly am and the power to create my own reality! As ego peels away in layers like an onion, something new and magnificent is realized. I gain new understanding about myself and about my world.

People are Inherently GOOD!

I have broken the shackles of control! My mind is no longer swayed by what main stream media and entertainment create for us to focus on. I see the light of the good happening in the world every day and all around me! I have become a part of that light and am empowered. When I see the good that people are creating, I want to share it and create more. The tide is turning and the Universe is on our side, cheering. I am magnificent… we ALL are. A beautiful new world is emerging and I am going to build a bonfire and burn my old notes.

I Will Never Sleep without Shungite again!


Shungite Mer-ka-baSeveral months ago my Guidance told me to get Shungite for protection against lower energies. I was attracted to a nice piece in the shape of a Mer-ka-ba and it proved useful right away by preventing a psychic attack.
As time goes on, we tend to forget things that one held importance and this happened with my Shungite. At times I would be surprised by where it popped up having forgotten about it. After my experience at 2:12 am Sunday morning. I had been dreaming and was not alone. I did not feel safe with the entity that was with me and woke up to get away. As I pulled myself out of this dream, I felt the entity slap me on my left side back, around the ribs and suddenly there was this maddening ticklish itch that spread like electricity around the area.
I was stunned by the reality of what just happened. I just left a dream and the dream followed me. It was no dream….. And this is not the first time this has happened. It is only the first time I was awake when it happened.
I just had an Archon* device attached. I believe its purpose is to block my creative energy which has been building in the past two weeks. Learning how I am supposed to serve the world has become more clear to me and blocking my energy can keep me from serving humanity in a way that helps us to evolve and be aware of our future.
The tickling in my ribs kept going and I was not sure how I was going to handle it if it got worse. I started doing Reiki. This removed the tickling, then I removed the etheric device as well. I remembered that my left knee had suddenly begun to hurt when I went to bed, so I did Reiki there and removed another device. When I woke in the morning, my right shoulder was hurting. This was also a return of a recent dis-ease which had been removed with Reiki and Theta healing.
Upon scanning my body, I found I had 97 attachments! This was in addition to the 2 I removed during the night. I removed them all by smudging then doing Reiki and Chakra balancing and I am happy that all pain and itching is gone.
I also cleared and charged my Shungite Mer-ka-ba on the ground in the sunlight to take to bed with me tonight.

1/31/2017 UPDATE

I learned that the word Archon is Greek for Ruler. These malevolent beings are not my ruler, therefore I will not use this term into the future. These devices are quite common and come to us in a variety of ways. If you feel unexplained pain, inability to think straight, especially under certain circumstances, emotional outbursts that puzzle you later, you may have one or more energy devices. I am able to remove these and re-open the energy channels. Contact me if you would like to set up an appointment.