I had a dream just before waking in which I was being trained and given the keys to Home Depot where I work part time. Another person was being trained for closing the store with me. He was handed a bunch of keys on a orange stick, like you’d see at a gas station for the bathroom. I was handed keys on a purple and pink stick. The colors seemed childish, like my little pony or something.

Following my usual pattern, in the waking world I listened too intently to the words. I missed the meaning because of questions about that came up after my manager left. Specifically, where are the keys kept and how do I set the alarm?


Keys can hold a number of meanings, in this case there are several on the stick keychains. A bunch of keys signifies status, authority and power. The first key shown to me was good is gold, it suggests that influence, power and wealth will give you access to almost anything I want.

Purple is indicative of devotion, healing abilities, loving, kindness, and compassion. It is also the color of royalty, high rank, justice, wealth and dignity. Pink also carries a hint of healing through the heart. Although the color orange has an interpretation, this time if refers to Home Depot where I work part time. I was not handed the orange stick, but the purple and pink. This represents my Reiki practice.

The questions are interesting, and now I recognize this was a lucid dream. First I wondered about the alarm which could mean one may be questioning the decisions made. Alternatively, the dream may be a pun on an “alarming” situation which needs your immediate attention. You need to spring into action quickly. This need to spring into action is on target. Wondering where the keys are kept refers to finding the clients I will serve.

This dream followed a fantastic Reiki session I did for a dear friend. When I left, she was feeling loved, blessed, relaxed and pain free. She also received some information needed to help her reach goals she seeks.

The energy of this session brought me back two years to a day when someone I had just met gave me a Reiki session. The good feeling, the peacefulness lasted two weeks. Nothing could rattle me during that time. Even when my husband did some button pushing. I had loads of self confidence. I had always longed to get back to feeling that again. Yesterday I did!

Purging Inherited Patterns

My daughter made a request that I assist her in a soul healing by smudging and clearing our family home on the New Moon. She is raising her Goddess energy and repairing past patterns that no longer serve. I had already performed this blessing ceremony twice and was so happy to be asked to do this for her. Funny thing with ceremonies, repetition tends to bring out new and deeper meanings. I was in for a huge surprise.

She asked me to concentrate on two particular rooms. One was my mother’s room and this was where I began. This room is now my meditation room and also the room where I keep Manna, therefore it was a fairly smooth process. Light language became a new element today, it was lovely. As I moved through the house, it all went rather like clockwork with the added element of LL and bringing in all the women of our family for healing. I paid a little extra attention at the portal at the end of the hallway because dark energy had used it quite regularly in the past bringing undesired influences. When I reached the second room she requested I pay particular attention to, I faced a glitch. I was interrupted several times. It became very obvious that these interruptions were no accident.

I came to the realization something was trying to keep me from finishing, I just faced it head on. I just kept starting over from the beginning. I laughed (raising vibration) and told whatever energy it was that tried to stop me that I was going to keep restarting until I finished the job. Smudging, sound therapy, blessings over and over again. During this process, memories of dark events that occurred in here filled my mind and I would send them back to the light for transmutation. Finally the energy cleared and I healed and sealed the room. I expect I will need to do this again several more times and leave protection to hold the space between blessings.

I choose to use the word blessing to create with positive and filling energy.  To use the word ‘clearing’ would be creation of a void.

The next room, one I use for an office was a piece of cake. When I start a new room, I always begin with sealing the space in all directions with light, driving out the darkness and shadows. I use smudging and sound to clear the energy and bring in high vibration. I speak my intentions for the space. As I said before, each time I repeat a ceremony, knowledge and deeper connection expands. I began channeling healing and expansion for the women in my past and the ones to come in the future. Time has no dominion. I began to hear in the channeled words that we are here to experience and throw back the veil on the deceit of this world. That it is time for goddess energy to emerge and stand in its place. The world needed to understand the imbalance that grows when the Divine Feminine is absent, but now is the time to bring her back. Nurturing, loving and creative, this is the strength of Divine Feminine energy and I invoke it on the New Moon, thanks to my daughter’s request.

There were just two more rooms to go. After I finished with my office space, I felt a heavy fatigue. Emotion. The thought that I could finish this later appeared out of nowhere. I was surprised by this thought but entertained it for a moment. “No, today is the day to finish this. The time is now.”

I entered the room that my husband uses for his office. I did not feel the smooth flow of energy as in the previous rooms, but stayed with it until the space felt, hmmm, neutral. Yes, that is the word. I did not feel a need to go any further with intention since this is his workspace, not mine. I only pass through here to go the the last room on my list, my bedroom.

I stood in front of the double french doors staring onto the dark room. He likes it dark and detests the morning sun waking him. Heavy emotion and even nausea overtake me. I don’t want to go in. I take a deep breath and as I exhale I push through the doors into the room. A wave of emotion hits me and I only want to sit on the floor and cry. I push back against this feeling, turn on every light, pull back the curtains and open the windows. I have to flush this dark energy before I can even think of beginning a blessing. Once the light is flooding in with the cool breeze from a cold front, I begin to walk through the room claiming my right and my power to create the reality I will experience here. Being a converted carport, this is a large room and I walked around for a good 10 minutes blowing out the shadows.

Finally the heaviness drifts away with the shadows and light language begins to pour in. After blessing the room and sealing the light in this space, I felt amazing. Powerful! Strong! I felt love and connection to Gaia, Creator, my sisters and ancestors. I feel the healing and stand with serenity in my space.

One more [surprising] thing came out of this blessing of the Divine Feminine, goddess energy. I had also channeled a blessing for the men in our family. As in the Ho’oponopono tradition using love to heal, I brought in the men that troubled us. I thanked them for the valuable lessons we learned and that they were willing to stand in a space considered vile by our society. I sent healing, love and light to them and that they may understand/learn their TRUE strength in the Divine Masculine.

Amen. So Be It. And So It Is.

A Magnificent Challenge

This blog post is a response to a challenge by Litebeing to Spread Magnificence Beyond Time and Space.

I love movies in the Fantasy genre. The Princess Bride, Lord of the Rings, The Labyrinth… The journey, the perils and triumphs from which emerges an unlikely Hero. I think all fans of these movies imagine themselves as that emerging Hero.

But, this is only a fantasy. Or…. is it?

Thanks to some personal Heros in my lifetime, I have seen behind the curtain and know that the ones running the show are no bigger than I am. They don’t have access to knowledge I can’t access. So what is really going on?

People Are Inherently Bad…

This is the premise that dictates we need a government to “look out for us.” This is why we need priests to “intervene” for us. This is why I believed I needed a Savior. So I took notes. I did not want to forget one iota of of the valuable information these enlightened leaders were so gracious to give me.

To say it is confusing when politicians, high ranking officials, ministers widely known and local, police and teachers’ bad choices are paraded nightly in the media news is an understatement. It led me to question, “what is going on with the world?”

For too long I allowed the rules set up by others to dictate my beliefs. I allowed religion to tell me I am a sinner and vile unless I have a Savior and to obey church doctrine (blindly following even when it changed). I allowed government to tell me how to live, and how much money I am allowed to have, to regulate resources that Earth supplies us all in abundance. Teachers teach what is currently approved, often not truth. The general population is reacting, pushing back against the control. The belief in separateness and lack creates a Me First mentality. But this post is about MAGNIFICENCE. How does that come about?

Learning Who I Am

Learning that our leadership is corrupt opened my eyes. There is no savior. I must become my own savior somehow. I must go whithin to find my beginning and truth. The false leaders have shown me much of what is wrong and distasteful in humanity, do I possess or display any of these characteristics? In some cases, yes! I have at one time or another acted out in ways I now forgive myself of. I have a shadow side. We all do, this is part of being whole. What sets us apart is where we choose to spend most of our time.

In this introspection, I learned I am not separate. I am part of everything, connected. I feel what others feel, and not just the people. I feel the trees, the birds, the animals and water and wind. I feel everything. How can this be if we are not connected? In Exodus 3:14 of the Bible and the Torah, God tells Moses to tell the Israelites that Ehyeh asher ehyeh sent him. This translates I am who I am. When I say it out loud, I can’t help but sound like I am speaking about myself. I am. I Am. I AM GOD. I am not separate- I am part of the whole. I iubegan to act and create in love and inclusive of the best interest for all.

Facing the Ego

Today I read a fascinating article about Trump as a spiritual teacher. Understanding the ego and putting it into is proper place (we do not eliminate ego, it has a purpose) will bring us all together, but ego likes to separate and divide me from others.

Squaring up to ego is a challenge I choose to face. I am rewarded by getting to know who I truly am and the power to create my own reality! As ego peels away in layers like an onion, something new and magnificent is realized. I gain new understanding about myself and about my world.

People are Inherently GOOD!

I have broken the shackles of control! My mind is no longer swayed by what main stream media and entertainment create for us to focus on. I see the light of the good happening in the world every day and all around me! I have become a part of that light and am empowered. When I see the good that people are creating, I want to share it and create more. The tide is turning and the Universe is on our side, cheering. I am magnificent… we ALL are. A beautiful new world is emerging and I am going to build a bonfire and burn my old notes.

Seasons of Change

Change of SeasonIn South Florida, our seasons are not very prominent. Contrary to that, the arrival of autumn has been very apparent the past few days. A change of season has come into my life as well.

Lately my guidance is getting very specific. This started the day I woke from a dream and was followed out by an entity that was attacking me. Somehow, the energy seemed to be coming from my husband.

I have been using my Hermetic tarot cards more, pulling one card a day. This bite-sized method was intended to familiarize myself with the deck. This has turned into a steady stream of very specific messages. They have replaced my use the daily Angel Oracle as this deck is rather finite over time. Now the Angel cards are more of a theme setter for the day. The tarot brings out the specific message. I am writing this post to keep as a reminder how this part of my life is unfolding.

A few days ago I drew the reversed 9 of swords. The message was about my relationship. “When the reversed 9 of swords appears in a love context, you may need to give deep thought to what is happening in an existing relationship. If you feel that your partner is or has been dishonest, this is a good time to check into it. Trust your gut.” I already know that my relationship will end, so this is not upsetting news, just verification and a heads up that things are progressing.

I actually thought a week ago it might be happening when we discussed what to do with the money from the sale of my Harley. It had been a Mother’s Day gift but apparently my husband had different plans for the money because he chewed me up and then left the house for a ride. This was a Sunday and I went to church after this. I was feeling very emotional and was certain when he came home he would tell me he was moving out. The homily was titled: Optimism. I felt melancholy, but recognized the good in this situation.

When he returned home, my husband was a different person. No reference was made to the sore subject and he was overly amiable. This did make me wonder, “what happened?”

I received the reversed 10 of Wands on October 9. Again, this points to dishonesty or disrespect in a relationship. On the same day, a friend wrote a post about what is happening in her life. She is also in a closing relationship and ascending. Reading her blog was like deja vu and made my observations that much more real with the repeating pattern.


On the 10th, I receive the Two of Wands reversed. The general and romantic references apply. In general, this is a reminder to keep emotions in check. TarotCertainly good advice when facing what I am. I was dismayed by the indications toward a new love relationship. This does not come as good news because I really look forward to being on my own for a while. I asked my guides to be sure this was right and meditated on this all day long. I asked if this is necessary and ‘yes’ is the answer. Today, I decided to start out with an Angel card and received the Wedding card! There are extended meanings for the cards, but today they do not fit. I pulled another tarot and even after spreading and mixing the cards on the table for a thorough shuffling, I am dealt the 2 of Wands reversed… again!

Going Deeper

My son is psychic and texted me out of concern, he felt something was not quite right. He could feel a brain/emotion connection. He picked up on my melancholy and dismay.

My team has been showing me that recent health concerns are energetically connected to him. Sleeping in the same room with my husband is nearly impossible. I had to go to another room last night due to odd sharp pains, restlessness and anxiety. Anxiety keeps hitting me as I am falling asleep or on awakening. Even the shungite I sleep with does not seem enough to protect me.

It’s Been Foretold

I have been receiving clues that my relationship may be coming to an end for a year. At first this was very sad to think of. Our marriage was not perfect, but we have always had lots of laughter and fun. We blended our families, he adopted my daughter. Our differences are few, likenesses and tastes very similar. However, since my walk-in, I have had little interest in the things that brought us together. I have the pleasant memories, but these come to me as an observer rather than a participant.
Now, I see that our separation will actually have positive results for both of us. I am ascending and not stopping, not turning back. He is too, but at a different pace. He still very much enjoys his 3D life. While living with him  I have to regulate how much I can do. On my own, I am free to pursue goals without interference.

This afternoon sudden fatigue that signals a download hit me and as I drifted to sleep some very graphic images were shown to me. These images represented memories with him that are not so pleasant. I may be giving up some good, but I am also letting go of the bad.

It is as it should be.

Children are the Future

As new energies never felt before bombard me, I find myself going through a slew of surprising symptoms. The energy itself, wow, it seems to be never ending. We were forewarned that we had planets in retrograde, aligning, a rainbow of moon presentations and most recently two eclipses. There has been Lion’s Gate, today it was 9/9/9 which signifies ending of cycles. Plus a bombarding of solar storms!

Since I began the process in 2014, I don’t have much to compare to, but it seems that this year has been one energetic cycle on top of another. I have become so accustomed to Ascension flu, ear ringing (which never leaves since I sang the Hu, it just alternates between quiet and extremely loud), sudden heavy fatigue, depression, aches and even heart palpitations.

Just as I was getting accustomed to the cycles I began to notice new “ailments” coming on. According to some who have been in this longer, the waves are now stronger and streaming steadily, bringing us these new symptoms. Although uncomfortable at times, it really isn’t alarming when one knows what is happening. Once your body adjusts to the new energy, the symptoms subside, this often happens very quickly and is how we know that these symptoms are not a physical ailment.

Emotional Cues

I have been feeling unusually blue lately. I have been seeing videos of highly talented children popping up on my radar and marveling at these amazing new humans. I feel a strong need to protect them from what this society is likely to bombard them with.

Then the really puzzling desire to have a child took hold of me. I have long been finished with having children. I love the two amazing humans that call me Mom, and I happily chose to be finished with child bearing after my 2nd was born.

Yet here I sit crying and feeling lack. I have no idea what this means and why it comes now. I would love to work with children in some supportive way, but that just seems very unlikely. The children who most need it are with parents who have no clue and will not get the idea of their precious little ones coming to them for the sake of ushering humanity into new dimensions.

Since this all began a few days ago, the information I need has been brought to me in a variety of synched messages and input. Again, the word Creative is coming up, the videos I see that pluck the emotional chords are of children with astounding creativity. A man who tells of being from Telos (inside of Hollow Earth) says the best way to help children is to encourage creativity.

Huh, I may be on to something here…. the ear ringing is. very loud.

I Will Never Sleep without Shungite again!

Shungite Mer-ka-baSeveral months ago my Guidance told me to get Shungite for protection against lower energies. I was attracted to a nice piece in the shape of a Mer-ka-ba and it proved useful right away by preventing a psychic attack.
As time goes on, we tend to forget things that one held importance and this happened with my Shungite. At times I would be surprised by where it popped up having forgotten about it. After my experience at 2:12 am Sunday morning. I had been dreaming and was not alone. I did not feel safe with the entity that was with me and woke up to get away. As I pulled myself out of this dream, I felt the entity slap me on my left side back, around the ribs and suddenly there was this maddening ticklish itchy that spread like electricity around the area.
I was stunned by the reality of what just happened. I just left a dream and the dream followed me. It was no dream….. And this is not the first time this has happened. It is only the first time I was awake when it happened.
I just had an Archon device attached. I believe it’s purpose is to block my creative energy which has been building in the past two weeks. Learning how I am supposed to serve the world has become more clear to me and blocking my energy can keep me from serving humanity in a way that helps us to evolve and be aware of our future.
The tickling in my ribs kept going and I was not sure how I was going to handle it if it got worse. I started doing Reiki. This removed the tickling, then I removed the etheric device as well. I remembered that my left knee had suddenly begun to hurt when I went to bed, so I did Reiki there and removed another device. When I woke in the morning, my right shoulder was hurting. This was also a return of a recent dis-ease which had been removed with Reiki and Theta healing.
Upon scanning my body, I found I had 97 attachments! This was in addition to the 2 I removed during the night. I removed them all by smudging then doing Reiki and Charkra balancing and I am happy that all pain and itching is gone.
I also cleared and charged my Shungite Mer-ka-ba on the ground in the sunlight to take to bed with me tonight.

Who Am I?

Who Am I?Bite Sized Pieces

There has been a recurring theme the past few weeks. Beginning with the title of this post which I wrote on July 22, 2016. Obviously there was more to the story because I never got past the idea phase. Until now.

I often read stories of blinding revelations that change a person’s life. This is not the way I get information. I always get bite sized pieces. They feel huge at the time I receive them, but wait, there’s always more to come.

At this point, I can’t even remember the download that prompted me to start a post titled, Who Am I? It doesn’t matter, what I am about to share is the correct message.

The Most Important Question

I was listening to a video by Gregg Braden and he asked what we thought the most important question was that we could ask ourselves. Without even a thought I blurted out, “Who am I?” Which, of course (else there would be little point in writing this, would there?) is the question to which he referred.

You may have asked this yourself. “Who am I?” “Where did I come from?” Our origin and purpose is a mystery that has been pondered throughout the ages. This has been the information that has been revealing itself to me since this idea flickered in July.

From the time I became aware of my walk-in in June, I have noticed a profound change in my personality, the way I speak to people, the way I handle challenges, my sense of humor, even. Others have noticed it, too, especially my husband and children.

Exploring this side of myself and removing the residual emotions and methods of the walk-out has further refined the image of myself, yet there were still grey areas.

Today that got sorted out.

 Human Design

It began with this Blog Post by Dayna referring to her Human Design Rave Chart (get your free chart at this link). There are Four Types of Human beings, Dayna is a Projector. You can read about it at the link above. As she describes the attributes of a projector, I feel as though she is describing how I used to be, to a T. I also felt this description no longer fit since my walk-in.

When I received my chart, I was shocked. The chart is configured by the Birth Datewhich is significant information because I considered myself to be a Walk-In, a new soul aspect or personality and if this were the case, my type would have been Projector.

This is my chart according to my birthdate and this fits my current [primary] personality.

Chart Properties

Name Cheryl Smith
Born 26th December
Design Date Sun, 29 Sep 1957 21:04:33 GMT
Type Manifesting Generator
Strategy To Respond
Not-Self Theme Frustration
Signature Satisfaction
Definition Single
Authority Sacral
Profile Investigator – Martyr (1/3)
Incarnation Cross Right Angle Cross of Service (58/52 | 18/17)

Rave Mandala Human Design

I thought I was the Walk-In…

….or is something else going on that I was not aware of? 

After spending some time meditating on this and conferring with my Guidance about accuracy of my conclusions, I know who I am.

I Am the primary soul aspect of this body. The second soul, the one that maintained control for the bulk of this lifetime, was the Projector. NOT the birth soul! (If you use different terms, please share in the comments, this is all new to me.) Are you confused yet? I have 2 soul aspects, both are me, but one, the primary, drives the purpose of this life, the secondary was here to experience physicality or… “visit Disneyland.” So yes, I did walk-in, however I was confused in thinking I was an entirely new personality stepping in for the first time.

On a cellular level, I have all of the memories, but they give me no emotional thrill at the thought of doing any of them again. There are some experiences that I still enjoy, but there are others I prefer now that the secondary did not have interest in. The more I get to know each aspect, the easier my day to day life becomes.


August 1, 2016

Since my last post I have been made aware of a few things. The oppressive energy that had me weighed down is being assimilated and I am able to think more clearly.

Diane Canfield wrote about the energy wave in two recent blog posts, July 26, 2016 message and August 1, 2016 message.

I have noticed what are called Ascension Symptoms before, but these took on a whole new level. Ascension Flu is often used to describe a general feeling of malaise attached to higher vibration sequences coming in. This time however, I actually thought I might be coming down with the flu that my husband had two weeks ago. This happened on 3 different days but never turned into the full on sickness. I experienced aches and feverish chills, just enough to make me lie down for a while. New to me were changes in my heart rhythm. This occurred over two days and could go from a mild flutter to feeling like my heart moved from the right to the left side of my chest! What an odd feeling.

My ability to meditate is returning and I feel much more optimistic. After examining my emotions and how I felt now, I am encouraged that it is all as it should be and I came through pretty quickly and with little fallout.

August 5, 2016

I have noticed another pattern. After each energy shift, when I begin to get my bearings back, friends begin calling. I don’t get a lot of calls, normally. After a shift I get 4 or 5 in quick succession, sometimes one on top of the other.

Yesterday the calls started coming. These calls always open up an opportunity to share what I have just learned, grounding it. This makes the download a permanent part of me.

Odd Dreams

I have been wanting to remember my dreams for some time. This time it seems to be working for me. During the energy transmission, I know I was dreaming, but I also know they were odd and I did not care to remember them. I normally change my dreams when they don’t make sense,I did not have the choice, I just had to ride them out.

As I began to gain clarity, the dreams made more sense, but still seem quite odd. I remember one where I was looking at a woman, the woman was me, wearing a red polka dot dress in a style from the 50s. I knew it was me but startled by the fact that I was invisible. Like the invisible man… clothes, but no body. *Interpretation* Seeing color means this is a message from my Guides. Red is an alert. It is also a color of passion. The style of dress is from a time when women were more visibly feminine and their role was more feminine even if by oppression. My body is invisible, meaning I am not showing up in my feminine role. When this was being brought to my attention earlier, I had developed symptoms of dis-ease around my liver and digestive system. I had a mysterious itch on my left-side back at the liver meridian, yin (female) energy is held in the liver. The 2nd chakra is the sacral chakra where creativity and feminine energies are held (the liver corresponds, I receive layers upon layers of clues as to where to look.)

Many of my dreams have a strong sexual connection. I was disturbed by one where my husband was trying to use a large sex toy with me. He had two on hand and they were very graphic, I can still picture them clearly. *Interpretation* We have been on two different wave lengths since my walk-in. I think this dream is a reminder we don’t fit any longer. He has opened discussion several times this year about this, and I had a knee-jerk reaction. Three weeks ago, I opened the conversation and this time he knee-jerked. I know it is inevitable that we part ways, and though we are not fighting or hateful towards each other, we are not fulfilling each other either. There was also the color purple, spiritual, royalty, creativity I think the color Aqua blue was there, but not so prominant.

Although I can’t remember what we talked about, Erik Medhus was with me in a dream. I am sure we shared some laughs. Erik is also very helpful when something is bugging you.

I am noticing that I begin dreaming before I fall asleep now. Likewise, I go deep into a meditative state as soon as I close my eyes. Sometimes I see the inside of a spinning MerKaBa.

What Would You Change?

If you won the Lottery…

What would change in your life? This a question often asked when the jackpot climbs to impressive numbers. MLM leaders, dream builders, Inspirational speakers and many others use a version of this question. The implication is that it takes an event to have the life and experiences you want.
This kind of thinking does not inspire, it holds you back.

Manifestation and Creation

Quantum physics has proven matter is affected by being observed. This means just by observing matter determines how it will act. “Let there be light.” A simple spoken phrase changed changed cold, barren darkness into a rotation of day and night. This is the initial concept of creation.
You may have been exposed to the concept of manifestation, but how can just stating what you want to experience really manifest in a new car? In my own life have witnessed many manifestations by my sister. All she had to do was say what she wanted. This began when she was in diapers, before the harsh experience of lack was ingrained in her 18 month old world filled with possibility.
In the 70s Pampers were around, yet Mom used cloth diapers. You could say she was an early adopter of sustainable practices. I took my baby sister to the launderymat to wash the diapers, and while they tumbled in the dryer, we would go into the Farmer’s Market window shopping. Before leaving, she would always announce she was going to get a toy from the gum ball machine. She was not in the habit of carrying loose change in her diaper, yet on every visit, when gave that knob a twist, something came tumbling down for her. In the Chicklet machine, she frequently got a double amount. Enough so she could share with everyone as she said she would. This ability to manifest anything she said out loud carried into adulthood. She seemed charmed.
It is so easy to look at someone else and think they have got it made. I wasn’t jealous of her good fortune. She was a generous and loving person. It was not until after her death that I learned I had been manifesting, too. I manifested every car I said I wanted to drive. I did not have the means of producing it, yet I would have the car I desired within 6 months. My last car is a repeat of the previous make and model, because I could not decide what I would like for my next vehicle. My only requirement was that it would not be red like my last 3 vehicles had been. What I did say is that there was a silver lining in this purchase which had been forced upon us. The color of my car is called Silver Lightening.

Taking it to the Next Level

My previous manifestations had been “accidental” in the sense that I did not plan them, I only stated what I wanted and in time, they showed up. Things I had no actual control over by saving and planning for. One such case was the winning of a large crossover box (for trucks) filled with power and hand tools! I was approached in the store and asked if I would like to fill out a form for a drawing, when I found out the grand prize I exclaimed with enthusiasm, “Oh, I WANT that!” Several months passed and I had forgotten about the drawing when I got a call informing me I was the Grand Prize Winner! The tool box is in my shop now (I don’t have. pickup to put the box on) and every time I use one of those tools, I am reminded, I manifested that.
So I have already been creating my reality, what is the net level? Creating with intention. The hard part here is that once we make that creation statement, we hover over it. We try to “set it up”, we feel responsible for doing our part. This is not how it works if we have been paying attention to the previous examples. Letting go of the outcome is the hardest part of intentional creation.  I like to use the example of an orchestra, the leader knows what he wants to create, but he is not responsible for playing the violin, the clarinet, or the timpani. He relays his idea to the musicians, and they work together to CO-create the outcome.
Or… as Bashar says, create the idea, get excited about it, then let it go.

Entering a Void

    Enter the VoidBeginning Thursday, July 28 (2016) I have been lost. At one time I would have called this a depression cycle (the clinical variety), but now I’m not so sure that depression is what I was experiencing. Doctors are good at handing out labels, and it does often make people feel better to “know there is a real problem” because knowing equates to fixing it.

    Usually when I feel a depression cycle coming on, I just know I am going to feel off, lethargic, unemotional or overly angry. I tend to just hunker down and ride it out. This time felt different and it seems like it is because I am now “aware.”

    What I have felt the past few days has been zero desire to meditate. To even think about a Higher Self, or my mission, passion, high vibration, purpose. etc. I did not eat well, binge watched 4 seasons of Orphan Black and felt generally edgy. I had a high school reunion that I fully meant to go to, but I am just not feelin’ it. I don’t want to dress up or put on a smile for anyone.

    The energy has been off, too. Is is just me, I wonder? I could not even sleep in my own room until I smudged. I smudged and blessed the entire house for good measure. I thought it was interesting I started crying while blessing my bedroom. I stopped myself from letting go with a blubbering snot-fest because the idea was to raise energy, not give in to it. It actually felt good to stand up to it, too.

    When I could sleep, I felt like a lot was going on, but I could not remember much of it. The bits of dreams I did remember were so odd, I just let them go. I did not want to put the effort into trying to understand.

    I thought about my guides, what do they think of me now? Then I realized I had returned to dogma thinking that I might displease some jealous god.

    It occurred to me that the only one I was acting against is myself. I “wasted” 3 days to entertainment and sleep. Ignoring my spiritual enlightenment and the creation of happy experiences here on Earth. Or… did I? There is no punishment. There is only 3D time passing. It was a choice. I felt low energy and enthusiasm. Instead of a fight, I just let go and stopped feeling like I had to answer for it.