Why you should look forward to this Mercury in Retrograde.

 Mercury from NASA Explorer
When I first learned of MIR late in 2015, I was relieved to know there was a reason for what I had been experiencing. The next few times it happened, I buckled my seatbelt and got ready for the ride. About the fourth or fifth time (I even entertained the fleeting thought, is Mercury ever out of retrograde?) I rolled my eyes and dealt with whatever came with it off the cuff.
Here we are at the end of 2016. We just came through a surreal election where the Elite party was usurped by Mr. Trump, which, by-the-way is still an unfolding story. Just as we enter my sign of Capricorn, Mercury has slipped into retrograde again. Memories of MIRs past want to create *Beliefs and my body reacts, feeling stress and trepidation at the thought. Now that I am conscious of my belief system (Did I just discover another body system?) I am rejecting the idea that the past will dictate my future. I am a Creator, after all. I can use this time for its characteristics and create something positive to experience.
I was checking in with other viewpoints of MIR symptoms and found Prevention magazine’s article titled 6 Things Mercury In Retrograde Could Mean For Your Health. It is a helpful article, especially if you are just learning about this effect. Having experienced this half a dozen times or more now, I am ready for a new experience. So, I am going to go through these symptoms and reframe them.
  1. Everything annoys you. Because Mercury governs the nervous system, we become edgy and unrestful. When we bump into others going through the same feelings, miscommunications occur. Things get in our way and we lose our flow. This is a perfect time to take a look at the emotion we are feeling and practice transmuting it to one of higher vibration. For me, this looks like, “I feel stressed, what is causing it?” After pinpointing the source, yes, it is usually “duh-obvious” but this is the moment to take note and change our outlook. I ask myself a series of questions ending with, “Does this truly matter enough for me invest in a lousy experience?” I take this opportunity to practice the Law of One in service to others and send myself, any other person involved and the entire situation Light and Love. This will result in Heart chakra activation and a warm hug from the inside out. Peace.
  2. You feel like no one understands youYou are probably feeling foggy and finding yourself having to restate things you have said. The synapses in the front the brain are affecting thought processes in yourself and everyone around you. Now is a time to put off signing contracts or making long-term commitments. Give yourself time to think things through without stress. Most things can be shelved for a few days. If something truly presses, go back to a time where you know you were thinking clearly and recall how you felt then. Spend time in meditation on this subject to focus. 
  3. You can’t shake that late-spring cold. When you know you are heading into MIR, it is a good time to review your health practices. Are you getting enough rest? Eating healthy, high vibrational foods, grounding to Earth, nurturing your soul, etc. Consider this a Universal reminder to take some “Me” time and replenish your own immune system through nurturing practices. Use aromatherapy to clear your sinuses and brain fog. Take energizing Epsom salt baths. My very favorite is Dr. Teal’s Eucalyptus and Spearmint, it makes my entire house smell like a spa.
  4. Hitting the gym is harder than usual. You risk hurting yourself at this time because of lack of focus. Use this time to rebuild your body through nurturing. Muscle is torn down during strenuous activity and new muscle develops in the resting phase. Eat high-quality proteins giving your muscles the building blocks they need. Use this time to get a pedicure or reflexology, foot massages release toxins and the nerves in the foot go back to the entire body energizing the entire nervous system.
  5. Your gut goes haywire. The correlation between emotions and the gut create upsets in the digestive system. Following the previous activities mentioned may have already saved you from this discomfort. If this is a time of massive emotional clearing, then try sipping some fresh ginger and lemon tea. Add a little cayenne for extra effectiveness and clear out any parasites that may be contributing. 
  6. You feel like recharging. For me, this is what its is all about! My past seems to come around in a variety of ways. Old friends turn up out of the blue. Reunion with family members that are miles away. Revisiting old emotional wounds that need healing or relationships that need forgiving. This is an excellent time to meditate and find in yourself what is ready to come out and transmute at this time. Your developing Light Body needs to release waste. A very unusual but highly effective meditation came to my attention several months ago. The great thing about this particular meditation is that you CAN’T say you haven’t any time because you practice the Elimination Meditation while you are on the toilet. Even healthy foods produce waste we must eliminate and as you do this, it is a great time for introspection into your emotional baggage. Exercise unconditional forgiveness and release heavy feelings towards yourself or others. Recognize that the pursuit of happiness is why we sometimes act in ways that are hurtful to others. Send love and forgiveness to yourself and to others. 
On January 8 as we come out of this retrograde, you should feel lighter and energized. You will have gained new perspectives on situations around you because you took the time to listen to your body and the Universe.
I send you Light and Love.

*Beliefs are created by religion, society, the subconscious, and your Ego based on past experiences or mind control agendas. As a Creator, you control what you experience through the energy of your thoughts and words.

I Will Never Sleep without Shungite again!


Shungite Mer-ka-baSeveral months ago my Guidance told me to get Shungite for protection against lower energies. I was attracted to a nice piece in the shape of a Mer-ka-ba and it proved useful right away by preventing a psychic attack.
As time goes on, we tend to forget things that one held importance and this happened with my Shungite. At times I would be surprised by where it popped up having forgotten about it. After my experience at 2:12 am Sunday morning. I had been dreaming and was not alone. I did not feel safe with the entity that was with me and woke up to get away. As I pulled myself out of this dream, I felt the entity slap me on my left side back, around the ribs and suddenly there was this maddening ticklish itch that spread like electricity around the area.
I was stunned by the reality of what just happened. I just left a dream and the dream followed me. It was no dream….. And this is not the first time this has happened. It is only the first time I was awake when it happened.
I just had an Archon* device attached. I believe its purpose is to block my creative energy which has been building in the past two weeks. Learning how I am supposed to serve the world has become more clear to me and blocking my energy can keep me from serving humanity in a way that helps us to evolve and be aware of our future.
The tickling in my ribs kept going and I was not sure how I was going to handle it if it got worse. I started doing Reiki. This removed the tickling, then I removed the etheric device as well. I remembered that my left knee had suddenly begun to hurt when I went to bed, so I did Reiki there and removed another device. When I woke in the morning, my right shoulder was hurting. This was also a return of a recent dis-ease which had been removed with Reiki and Theta healing.
Upon scanning my body, I found I had 97 attachments! This was in addition to the 2 I removed during the night. I removed them all by smudging then doing Reiki and Chakra balancing and I am happy that all pain and itching is gone.
I also cleared and charged my Shungite Mer-ka-ba on the ground in the sunlight to take to bed with me tonight.

1/31/2017 UPDATE

I learned that the word Archon is Greek for Ruler. These malevolent beings are not my ruler, therefore I will not use this term into the future. These devices are quite common and come to us in a variety of ways. If you feel unexplained pain, inability to think straight, especially under certain circumstances, emotional outbursts that puzzle you later, you may have one or more energy devices. I am able to remove these and re-open the energy channels. Contact me if you would like to set up an appointment.